01-03-13 Journal Prompt

In true and lasting relationships, you come to a place where you are not just comfortable baring your soul ~ with all the scars and hidden secrets ~ but you feel that you must. You are compelled to strip yourself down to the “brass tacks” … so you can lift the burden of what you have carried alone for so long… so you can see that you are loved despite the secrets you have kept swept under the rug.

Your journal prompt is to think for a moment about the burdens you carry. The ones you don’t share. The secrets hidden so deep they have not seen the light of day for a long, long time. Now visualize laying these secrets down at the feet of the Goddess. Feel your burdens lifting. See her smile and see her open her arms in welcome. 2013 is the year to write Your story. How will you shed your burdens and blossom into the wonderous spirit that is you?


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