01-04-13 Journal Prompt

Journal Prompt :

When I was growing up, the relationship with God was something very important at home and required a decent amount of blind faith… but the relationship with this God was so “superficial” that always seemed illogical to me; it was like “God made us and then took off”, the thought of that was devastating, empty and very hard understand.

Nowadays, my understanding of this relationship has shifted into something more complex and much more intimate; It has more to do with consciousness and the fact that you can attract anything you are in tune with, It has to do with happiness and enjoying your life in this earthly plane, It has to do with liberation of your own self.

Nowadays, for me, The Divine never took off, is here with us, with me, and I can experience it everyday. This goes beyond faith, it has become a fact in my life and that, my dears, is pure magick 😉 … Have you ever wondered, what does the connection with The Divine mean to you and how it has been evolving through out the years?

Be true in love )o(


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