01-05-13 Prayer Intention


The holiday season is finally over. Every year at this time I breathe a sigh of relief. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Christmas. I love giving gifts and decorating the tree. I love the “Merry Christmases”, I even love the bell ringers at the front of every store. As the season begins, the excitement is contagious and the air electric, but as we get closer to the new year, the flurry of activity becomes exhausting and I long for stillness and quiet.

The time for stillness and quiet is now. As I stand outside and Breathe, you can feel it. Even here in the South, the air is colder, the birds are quieter. Deer and squirrels move silently through the wet leaves and grasses ~ watching. It is almost like Mother Earth is holder her breath… waiting… Spring is coming. I can feel the vibration of the Earth beneath my feet. I see the signs ~ the days are noticeable longer. Daffodils here are already blooming at the corner of the fence. The burros in the back pasture are starting to get that romantic look in their eye. The Wheel is turning.

Heavenly Father, Blessed Mother,

We give thanks for our blessings. For our family and friends. For all the intangible gifts in our lives ~ Love, Peace, Joy. We thank you for this space which gives us the opportunity to learn and grow, and gives us a place for community and acceptance. These things are immeasurable.

Let us take this time in the quiet and the stillness of nature to reflect. To examine our lives, our hearts and our spirits. Pruning back what no longer serves and nourishing the Graces within us.

As we continue on our Journey, may we ever be aware that each Spirit walks their own path. Let our eyes be filled with Love and Compassion ~ everyone has their own battles to fight. Daily I pray, may I be a harm to none, a blessing to all, and may my thoughts, my words, and my actions reflect my love for you.

Blessed Be.


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