01-07-13 Goddess Archetypes

Goddess Archetypes
An Archetype is usually described as a symbol, pattern of some kind or a version of a
When we speak about an archetype of the Goddess we understand the Great Goddess is one
entity, an all encompassing Divine Spirit.
… An archetype of the Goddess can usually be described by one of the many goddesses of the
world’s pantheons. Each has her own distinct personality, traits, strengths and weaknesses,
but is not THE GODDESS.
When a person chooses an archetype of the Goddess, they often look to one of the
individual’s personalities to see which may fit their own personality, preferences or purpose.
Here are some archetype examples:
The Nun
The Nun is characterized by her intense devotion and dedication to her path. Their work
requires great focus and includes not only spiritual paths but artistic and business pursuits.
The Nun chooses celibacy to conserve energy for her vital work.
Shadow Nun is removed from everyday reality, introverted and self-righteous.
The Nun represents a total devotion to your work. This is the area of your life where you
expend all your available energy.
If this is your Archetype you run the risk of becoming isolated and losing touch with friends
and family. You may also become very judgmental of people who don’t share your goals and
Goddesses with this Archetype: Hestia Vesta
The Prostitute
This Prostitute represents giving away of part of yourself, spirit or integrity for financial gain.
This can also include the selling of talents and ideas.
The shadow aspect of the Prostitute is linked to the use of sex and seduction as a means of
control over another person.
According to Caroline Myss we all have this Archetype. This is because we give our power
away to others when we become fearful. This Goddess Archetype reminds us to regain the
power over ourselves by finding ways to improve our self esteem and discover the beauty
Goddesses with this Archetype: Aphrodite
The Queen
In the positive aspect the Queen represents the regal feminine. Using her benevolent authority
to protect others. This Goddess Archetype can signify the power of women who rule over
anything from the office to the home environment.
The shadow aspect of this Goddess Archetype reflects the tendency to become arrogant,
controlling and aggressive when challenged.
Queen asks whether you rule over your domain fairly, protecting every body’s rights and
Or do you need to look at patterns of trying to control others to protect your own emotional
and personal position? If this is one of your patterns, you need to ask yourself what are you
afraid of losing and where does that fear stem from ?
Goddesses with this Archetype: Hera Juno
The Rescuer
The Rescuer provides strength and support to others in crisis. They act out of love with no
expectation of a reward.
Shadow Rescuer expects the rescued party to be grateful and will often try to keep that person
The Goddess Archetype is one of your personality traits if you are always trying to save and
help people.
What you need to ask yourself is what motivates you to act this way? Are you expecting a
reward for your trouble or do you love helping others?
Goddesses with this Archetype: Demeter Ceres
The Scribe
The Scribe records information about people and events so it can be preserved. Much of the
work involves copying information that is already available rather than being free to express
personal opinions or develop an individual style.
Shadow Scribe uses the information for there own benefit, distorting facts to suit to support
their own ideas. Shadow scribe may also claim other people’s work as their own.
This Goddess Archetype may relate to you if you enjoy compiling information as part of your
job or even as a hobby, for instance you may be involved tracing your family tree.
Shadow Archetype asks you to look at how you are presenting your material. Are you altering
the information to support your view of the world?
The Scribe also reminds you not to get so wrapped up in recording events that you forget to
experience the moment.
Goddesses with this Archetype: Seshat
The Servant
A Servant performs the menial work of others. This role can be chosen or enforced by
circumstances which prevent the Servant from having the same status as the master.
The shadow Servant fails to be of service to herself. She has no sense of her own powers and
abilities, becoming a slave to the social system.
This Goddess Archetype reminds you to look at the masters and petty tyrants you defer to in
your life. Learn to let go of people or self-limiting beliefs no longer serve you.
Goddesses with this Archetype: Iris
The Shape Shifter
The Shape Shifter has the ability to change her physical appearance. They are also able to
adapt easily to different environments by altering there behavior.
Shadow Shape shifter is fickle, lacking conviction and constantly reinventing themselves, like
politicians trying to appeal to more people.
A useful Goddess Archetype to have if you need to be flexible or perform lots of different
The shadow side asks whether your chameleon like tendencies reflect a deep insecurity and
inability to commit to any particular path.
Goddesses with this Archetype: Ceridwen Freya Iris Morrigan
The Teacher/ Inventor
The Teacher and Inventor communicates knowledge, experience and wisdom.
In it’s shadow aspect, the Teacher may manipulate and mislead their students by
indoctrinating them with negative beliefs and destructive behaviors.
This Goddess Archetype suggests a love of passing on wisdom and learning to others.
The Teacher’s wise counsel can also be called upon to help you see a way through any present
difficulties or to help you to master a new skill.
Whilst the shadow aspect is a reminder that whenever we find ourselves in a teaching or
mentoring role we must aim to be a positive role model, encouraging others to reach their full
Goddesses with this Archetype: Athena Minerva.
The Virgin
This Virgin represents the desire to remain sexually pure and uncorrupted, maintaining your
energy for other projects. It can also symbolize a deep desire to create brand new ideas and
methods of working.
Shadow virgin, resists her sexuality due to fear and revulsion of sex and the loss of innocence
it symbolizes.
This is one of your main Goddess Archetypes, if you are continually preserving your vital
energies, for spiritual pursuits. The Virgin may also represent a desire to explore virgin
territory; inventing refreshing, new ideas and ways of doing things.
On the shadow side, fear and disgust caused by bad past experiences could be preventing you
from exploring your sexuality.
Goddesses with this Archetype: Artemis Diana Hestia Vesta
The Visionary
The Visionary is able to track probable outcomes for the future and able to envisage a better
way of living for all mankind. They are clear channels for spirit communication.
Shadow Visionary sells their prophetic abilities to the highest bidder. They may even
manipulate what they have seen to make it more palatable for their audience. The other
shadow Visionary is so absorbed in their dreams that they are unable to function in the
everyday world.
You may be drawn to the Visionary if you possess psychic or visionary abilities yourself. The
shadow aspect of this Goddess Archetype reminds you to use your gifts wisely and to
remember to stay grounded in this reality.
You may also seek out this Archetype if you are at a cross roads in your life and are unsure
what path to take. Work with this Goddess and look for the signs/symbols which will point
you in the right direction. Remember that the path she indicates is the one for your highest
Goddesses with this Archetype:
The Warrior
The Warrior represents physical strength, and the ability to protect and fight for your rights
and those of of others.
Whilst the shadow side of the Warrior reflects the need to win at all costs, abandoning ethical
principals to prove your supremacy.
If you are drawn to work with this Goddess Archetype you may require the Warrior spirit to
help you to stand up for your rights and set firm personal boundaries. This stereotype is
helpful if you want to take control in your life, and no longer wish to play the role of the
You may also choose to call upon the Warrior to champion the cause of others.
Conversely the Warrior may appeal to you if you have a very strong sense of self and are
proud of the victories you have achieved. The shadow side of this goddess may be asking you
to reflect honestly on the cost of these victories. Have they been at the expense of others or
your principals?
Goddesses with this archetype: Athena Bast Minerva
The Witch
The Witch uses knowledge of the universal laws of nature, the conscious mind and esoteric
powers to manifest their desires.
The shadow Witch uses their gifts to increase their own power.
The Witch maybe one of your Archetypes can if you have the gift of understanding how to
transform situations, influence people, and make your visions and dreams a reality.
The Shadow Witch reminds you not to use these abilities to gain power over others as this is
not magic but sorcery.
Goddesses with this Archetype: Hekate Isis Nephthys
The characteristics of the Goddess Archetypes are adapted from the work of Caroline Myss.
Warrior Queen
History is saturated with the deeds, ingenuity and strength of Warrior Queens: Greek goddess
Athena, Celtic queen Bodicea, Egyptian pharaoh-queen Hatshepsut, Elizabeth I, Marie
Antoinette… the list is as endless as it is inspirational. All these queens share common
attributes of resilience, poise, self-assurance and a dynamic presence.
Warrior queens have unshakable trust in their abilities to lead. Without hesitation they are
prepared to stand up for their rights and the rights of others who rely on them for security.
They forge ahead despite (or because of) obstacles. They carve their own path and lead by
example. They stay balanced in times or duress, and connected to their traditions and sources
of inspiration whether they be at war or in peace. They are in tune with their physical body
and respond to threatening situations rationally. And, they are deeply connected with Mother
Earth and humanity.
Magical Muse
Magical Muses are the goddesses that rule over creativity, self-gratification, abundance and
the feminine divine: Ishtar, Venus, Aphrodite, and the nine daughters of the Greek goddess
Mnemosyne… they show us how to creatively, emotionally and sexually connect with others
with respect and fluidity.
The magical muse is able to accept change gracefully. She openly and readily releases any
need to control external forces. She can step into the flow of life whilst maintaining her sense
of purpose. She has a magnetic aura and her body confidence is alluring and sensual. As such,
she loves words like succulent, curvaceous, juicy and divine. In the aspect of abundance, the
magical muse naturally attracts that which is exactly right for her. She asks for what she
deserves and gives herself permission to receive it. She relishes beauty, embodies grace and
attracts both attributes with ease.
Daring Diva
Any goddess or patroness that inspires you to step into your own personal power is a Daring
Diva: the Greek maiden Persephone, volcano goddess Pele, Babylonian goddess Lilith and
moon goddess Artemis are just a few role models.
A daring diva is able to present her stunning and glorious Self to the world whether the world
likes it or not! She is absolutely real whether she is performing on stage in the lead role,
supporting from back stage or simply content to be relaxing in the audience. She rises above
superficiality and allows her authenticity to be her guiding force in decision-making and her
actions. She is intrinsically connected to her intuitive Self and she is readily able to marshal
her personal power for her highest good. She knows that anxiety and ‘butterflies’ that sit in
her belly is simply her inner tigress preparing her for success.
Primordial Mother
Mother love is arguably the strongest, most enduring love of all. Kwan Yin, White Tara,
Mary and Demeter are just some role models who exemplify mother love in their bottomless,
timeless and unconditional love for their children.
The primordial mother embodies love, compassion and trust. All these attributes are a twoway
street for her – as happily as she gives these gifts to others, she receives them back unto
herself. She never, ever allows herself to accept second best because she knows that in order
to shower love upon others she must be ready to accept it in equal measure. The primordial
mother revels in her self-respect, self-love and self-appreciation. Her inner child is a
reflection of her perfection. Her heart is open and willing to trust. She thinks love; she is love.
Natural Healer
Words have the power to hurt as well as to heal. In order to use words wisely, call on one of
the many goddesses who rule over self-expression and healing: the Irish queen Dana, the
butterfly goddess Hina, Hindu goddess of prosperity Sri Laxmi, or the Welsh goddess
The natural healer is able to choose her words wisely to facilitate understanding. Her shared
insights are precise, astute and relevant. She is able to seek and accept help, ask for
abundance for her highest good, and make her point without aggression. She understands that
her expressions manifest in exactly the way she describes. She aids effective communication
between the genders, the young and the old, the experienced and the novice. When she
speaks, she is heard. Just as easily, when others speak, she listens. She is often clairaudient in
that she senses or hears (and heeds) Angels and other spiritual beings.
Sacred Sage
“Know thyself,” says Shakespeare, as do the many goddesses who rule over the domain of
self-reflection: the Egyptian goddess Isis, the Celtic goddess Brigid and the wise woman,
Hecate, for starters. They teach us to trust our innate wisdom and to allow that wisdom be our
The Sacred Sage is readily and easily able to move on from petty issues. She opens her vision
to see the Big Picture, and that is what is important. She lives in a state of clarity because she
is able to release negative elements that no longer serve her: self-judgment, self-criticism,
self-scorn. She regularly unclutters her life, both physically and mentally, and enjoys the
liberation that comes with being in a state of ‘simplicity’. She has regular bursts of epiphany,
relishes symbolism is grateful for the many miracles that present themselves to her every day.
High Priestess
Call the connection to the realm of bliss what you will, but there comes a time when everyone
seeks a connection to Spirit, Universe, God/dess, Angels, and so on. Goddesses that preside
over self-knowledge and cosmic connection include the Welsh goddess Cerridwen, Egyptian
goddess Nuit, and American Indian weaver of life, Spider Woman.
The high priestess is able to see herself as a minute organism in the ways of the world, both in
the physical and non-physical planes, in the present and the future. She is a cosmic traveler,
time expander and a sacred vessel for divine expression. She believes in disconnecting from
the world every now and then in order to travel to a spaceless, timeless place of all-knowing.
Intuitively and effortlessly, wisdom, understanding and spiritual knowledge are her gifts. She
knows her calling and honors her destiny. Everyday matters don’t concern her as much as the
divine well being of all living creatures. She is the gateway to the answers that lie in the great
beyond. Prayer and ritual put her on a spiritual high that transcends earthly concerns.


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