01-09-13 Journal Prompt


In life, too often we “go with the flow”. We take advice ~ both solicited and unsolicited ~ and sometimes end up forcing a fit that just …. doesn’t. Think of your life and decisions you have made. Are there areas of your life where you have “gone along” or “settled” because it seemed easier at the time, or someone said you “should”, or maybe because you didn’t know what else to do? … it seemed okay at the time, and yet… in the end you were left feeling off balance and not “you”.

What is one person’s truth is not necessarily your truth. What fits and flows seamlessly for one may need to be adjusted and changed for it to flow just as beautifully for you. This is your life, your practice. Yours. There is no stencil. You are the creator, the artist. How will you paint it from this day forward?


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