01-10-13 New Moon Abundance Check Ritual

Hello everyone!
Tomorrow is the new moon and I will be posting the 2nd month’s lessons and also a new moon ritual I hope you will all enjoy!
As I am at a new school with a new schedule, I will not be able to post until I get home in the pm my time. So please be patient..sorry to those East of me! But this month we will be tackling the elements and the beginnings of energy work!

New moon is on the 11th. Tomorrow. This past month we were blessed with money we did not expect. So make sure your abundance checks are filled out. You MUST dispose of the old ones first by burning or burying them. You can begin the process 24 hours prior to the new moon or 24 hours afterwards.(I personally wait until the actual waaxing new moon to avoid any dark of the moon confusion)
Many blessing to all of you. And remember, never forget that the abundance check does not always come in cash, but it always comes in good things that you need in your life. ?

I am including a photo of an abundance check that a friend made! Use it if you like…I do! and also the link to the ritual for reference!
So I will be posting tomorrow… never fear!
xxx D


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