01-12-13 Chakras Week 1

Week One- Chakras …What are they? And what do we do with them?
There are 7 main chakras that run along the center of our body. They are energy centers. When open and balanced we feel clear, secure, and grounded. When out of balance we are likely to feel like something is off, not quite right.
How can you tell if your chakras are not in balance? Symptoms can be physical, emotional or mental. You will feel like your mind and body are not connected and not working together the way they are supposed to.
How can we balance our chakras? There are many methods… anything that nutures your mind, body and spirit! One way I love is meditation and guided imagery.
In the upcoming weeks we will be going through the chakras one at a time in more detail. But for now I would like to give you an overview of them.
(1st Chakra) Root or Base Chakra- it is your survival and grounding connection to the physical world. I tis located at the base of the spine
(2nd Chakra) Sacrum- deals with stability, self confidence, creative energy, sexual energy and the element of joy. It is located in the lower belly
(3rd Chakra) Solar Plexus- works with personal power and determination. It is located in the stomach by your belly button.
(4th Chakra) Heart- deals with love, pure and unconditional love and compassion
(5th Chakra) Throat- mental energy taking form in self expression
(6th Chakra) Third Eye or Brow- Deals with trusting your intuition, balancing mind and body and mental clarity.
(7th Chakra) Crown- is where your universal consciences is connected to the Universe. This is where you can receive Bliss
That is just an overview. We will go into more detail with each in the weeks to come and I will be giving you exercises to open and expand these wonderful energy centers!!!


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