01-12-13 Prayer Intention

Spirit is something we on the path think about a lot.
We are awake and conscious that we must find ways to nourish not only our bodies, but also our spirits to be able to find true happiness.
Unfortunately, not everyone is always in the same place on their journies and so our constant seach to better ourselves seems foreign or even sometimes contemptable. So they find ways to try and bring us down, back down to a place that they see as normal for them.
But what do we do when that happens?
Do we believe the negative talk, become isolated and allow ourselves to be kept quiet and “normal”?
We come to each other and we see that we are not alone.
We are reminded of our great light and worth in this world and we stand tall.
This is a place for such love and support.
You are never alone and are always loved for the unique and amazing spirit that you are.
If we have one purpose in this world it’s this:
We are a family!

Great Father and Mother, I am only me.
A person far, FAR from perfect.
A person wanting to please You, but knowing her/his weaknesses all too well.
An individual recognizing Your grace, but failing in her application.
A little child wanting to hear You say, “Good job,” but knowing she may not always deserve it.
How can I ever do enough for You?
How can my measly attempts be sufficient for the Creator of the universe?
How can a human make the Divine proud?
How do I make You smile?

Your Words and Creations tell me You have given everything I need for life and divinity.
I claim that promise now.
Make me strong.
Give me the spirit of power and love and self-discipline.
Enable me to do that which seems beyond me.
Guide my steps, my mouth.
Empower me with Your spirit.
Remind me I do not walk alone.
Grant wisdom and discernment, humility and mercy.
Make me more like You.

In the name of the Goddess and God,
So mote it be
xxx Happy Saturday unique spirits!


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