01-14-13 Journal Prompt


Much of what we do every day is mundane – housework, our jobs, cleaning out the kitty box (yay ~ not!). Our daily life Can be magical ~ incorporating your practice in simple and effective ways. You may already be doing some of these without even realizing it.

For example, when you stir your coffee or vacuum a room, do you do it in a specific direction (Deozil or Windershins) with purpose? Do you chant or sing while doing a task? Say a prayer before opening your computer at work? Choose herbs for your meals with their magical properties in mind?

Think of the things you do every day. Have you added a “magical twist” to any of them? If so, what? If not, think of what magical spark can you do to charge up a task? (Just maybe we can make housework fun….. I did say maybe!)


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