12-07-12 Prayer Intention

Good day to all on Day 4 T-minus 7 days until our start date!

Well now I couldn’t NOT start the day off with a post!
But rest assured I will not give you anything to do today!
Yesterday’s questions are very time consuming and I know
that everyone wants to think about them a bit!
BUT, I wanted to take a minute and clear up any confusion!
**The lessons will be posted on the page on the specified
day every week for everyone to see! I will pin then and post
them in the files as a pdf for easy download. You do not
need to join any groups or sign up for anything else to get them.
The sign-ups and small groups are for those who wish to be
researchers/teachers in specified domains. I thought it would
be far more fun those who had some knowledge or interest to play
an active role in preparing certain lessons alongside myself.
I will have my eyes everywhere, but so many of you have great
things to offer and I would be a fool not to profit from all
those resources! AND I certainly don’t know everything and
look forward to learning from you!!
This is not an obligation! You do not have to sign up for anything!
But if you wish to, there will be room! You can also sign up later
during the year, as I will call for volunteers when the time comes!

So I hope that clears things up a bit!
I must go to school- a big day ahead and I may not be able to get
back on much today! Parent-teacher interview day GAH!

In my circle, we have this lovely tradition where once a week we have
a shared energy intention. At one point during the day, we all light
a candle and put energy into the same intention. One that lifts up
into the cosmos together as if we were all side by side.
So I offer you the chance to share an intention with me today with this lovely prayer:

May I be no man’s enemy, and may I be the friend of that
which is eternal and abides.
May I never quarrel with those nearest me, and if I do, may
I be reconciled quickly.
May I never devise evil against any man, and if any devise
evil against me, may I escape uninjured and without the
need of hurting him.
May I love, seek, and attain only that which is good.
May I wish for all men’s happiness, and envy none. May I
never rejoice in the ill fortune of one who has wronged me.
When I have done or said what is wrong, may I never wait
for the rebuke of another, but always rebuke myself until I
make amends.
May I win no victory that harms either me or my opponent.
May I reconcile friends who are angry with one another.
May I, to the extent of my power, give all needful help to my
friends, and to all who are in want.
May I never fail a friend in danger.
When visiting those in grief, may I be able, by gentle and
healing words, to soften their pain.
May I respect myself. May I always keep tame that which
rages within me.
May I accustom myself to be gentle, and never to be angry
with people because of circumstances.
May I never discuss who is wicked and what wicked things
he has done, but know good men and follow in their
So Mote it be

Eusebius, a Stoic

xxx Blessings from Aphrodite and Freya to you all this lovely Friday!


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