12-11-12 Journal Prompt

Hello everyone! T-minus 2 days…I apparently couldn’t count!
The new moon is Thursday!! lol
So I just wanted to make a few clarifications about the journal.
The book that I asked you to have was not necessarily to be your
Book Of Shadows (Or Light for some of us) It is your progression journal.
The place where you study, answer questions, write down your feelings and impressions.
To me that is a separate book from the BOS. Now that is also personal, you can,
of course use it for both of these things, but it is not what I intended.

I want to set you up with a journal exercise today and either Adrienne Smith
or myself will be pinning a daily journal exercises as well as the weekly lesson.
It is important to try and get in the habit of writing daily…it isn’t easy and
so we will provide some food for thought. Do not limit yourself to only answering
the daily journal- ling questions! And every time we give you an exercise or ritual
you should record your impressions, a way to look back for later!

What are you most looking forward to in this yearly course?
Do you have any concerns or fears about it??
If so what are they??
I would like everyone to post these answers here…why?? Because you’ll see that you are not alone!
Blessings of love and light…tomorrow will be a big day full f last minute explanations and excitement…at least I hope!!
Love and light to each of you!


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