12-11-12 Glossary of Terms


(astrological) A cycle of civilization, approximately 2,500 years in length, wherein the soul mind of man grows,
progresses and attains some level of enlightenment.

Age of Aquarius
An era of time that begins a new transformation of all living things into a period of love, light and life.
A tremendous period of enlightenment as all inhabitants look to find the higher meaning of life, spiritual
purpose and expression. The age we are about to enter.

Age of Cosmic Consciousness
A period of time within an astrological cycle beginning in 1920 and lasting to 2020. A time when the planet Earth
is affected by a shift within the Milky galaxy producing a struggle of purification. This struggle can be seen
within the physical shifts of the planet as well as, within the human race as mankind opens to an awareness of
higher states of consciousness.

The first element of the alchemical tradition. Air is the essence of intuition and learning, the element of the
North and the nature of the mind.

A place inside or outside your home designated as sacred and spiritual. Usually includes a table where spiritual
symbols and tools are placed.

An object worn or carried which acts as a protective force for the wearer. Such as as crystal, a medallion like
the St. Christopher medal or the Abracadabra of the Gnostics.

Animal Guide
A spiritual animal (usually 2 different kinds) who walks along an individuals spiritual path with them. These
animals will embody many of the talents, and strengths of the person they walk with, and help guide the
footsteps when weaknesses appear.

A spiritual being who acts as a messenger between the Divine realms and the physical plane of existence. This being
has never been in an incarnated state.

To bless or pass on the responsibility of spiritual purpose to an individual, animal, place or thing with “holy”
water or a special consecrated oil (most often rose oil).

Symbols or images that represent the emotions or knowledge of the subconscious mind. Images within a tarot card are
symbols or messages for a recipient, these images are the archetypes or mirrors of subconscious emotions.

Astral Projection {Astral Projected Travel ~ APT}
To will the conscious mind into the soul body and then to project ones conscious self out of the physical body into
the etheric realm. The length and location of the projection is preplanned and preprogrammed. The projection
requires an altered state of awareness such as a deep meditation. The physical and soul bodies are attached
through the solar plexus by a silver cord.

An organized doctrine used for divination and understanding of oneself. Through examining the placement of
astrological objects, one can discover underlying meanings of events, a persons character traits or foretell
future events.

A ceremonial double-sided dagger used to represent the balance of all things. The blade is often etched with
magickal symbols specific to the owner.

An energy field around a living object, such as a person, plant or animal. Depending on the energy level and
vibrational frequency of the energy, it can be seen in varying colors moving or glowing around a living object.


To ward off or force the exit of energies that are not wanted in your presence. Banishing unwanted spirits, or
negative thoughts would be two examples.

A method of controlling the actions of another. Most often used to control someone from doing harm to themselves,
to you or to another. It’s important to note that a binding is manipulation and goes against the creed of faith
of ‘And in it, do harm to none’

Requesting Divine energy be wrapped (inside and out) around an object, person or event in love, honor and kindness.
To wish good thoughts and peace upon an object, person or event.

Book of Shadows
A personal book maintained by a practioner of magick, which contains spells, incantations, rituals and personal
spiritual experiences.


An event designed to ‘put forth’ energy for a specific purpose or ritual. Casting a spell is an example.

Casting A Circle
An event designed to set Divine energy in a certain circular area for a specific intent.

Cayce, Edgar
America’s Sleeping Prophet. He was able to provide intuitive insights into nearly any question imaginable.
Today his psychic readings constitute one of the largest and most impressive records of intuitive information
to emanate from a single individual.

A person or association of Welsh, Irish and Scottish heritage and some parts of northern Spain.

An incense holder, often in the form of a small cage, which is hung from a chain. Held by the chain and swung
around an area to spread the energy and vapors of the incense burning within.

To balance oneself by bringing your physical and spiritual being into an alignment of energies. “Going within”
is a form of centering.

The ability to direct Divine energy through ones physical self to another person, place, event, animal, plant
or whatever is desired. (Also see Healing Channels and Divination Channels).

A person who has developed the knowledge and awareness to direct Divine energy through themselves. “The Tools
of Divine Spirits” is often an accurate label for a Channel. Can also be known as a Medium.

A repetitious word(s) or sound(s) often used as a form of prayer and spiritual focus.

A method of setting a specific intent or usage on an object. Often performed during a spiritual ritual to
‘charge’ an object with a specific Divine energy which will be used for a specific intent. Charging a crystal
with healing energy would be an example.

An object which holds beneficial energies for the carrier. (See also Verbal Charm)

A round area designated for spiritual rituals or ceremonies. (See also Wheel of Life)

The ability to communicate or share experiences with spiritual entities. Communing with Angels during a spiritual
ceremony is an example. (Don’t confuse this with Channeling).

To sanctify, or bless an object for a specific spiritual use. A complete ceremony which includes clearing current
energies, protecting the object and charging it for a specific use.

A group of people who gather in an organized fashion on a regular bases to practice their magikal beliefs through
ritual and ceremony. Most often associated with Witches, however a Coven can be formed with any manner of
magikal practioners.

O.E. cræft “power, strength, might,” from Proto-Germanic. *krab-/*kraf-. Sense shifted to “skill, art” (via a
notion of “mental power”), which led to the n. meaning of “trade.” Use for “small boat” is first recorded 1671,
probably from some nautical sense of “vessels of small craft,” referring either to the trade they did or the
seamanship they required. Use of the word in modern contexts: another name for Witchcraft. When we say Craft,
we are talking about the practice of a skill utilizing the Science of Energy Manipulation; also called Magick.

Crystal Gazing
To perceive psychic visions with a naturally formed crystal or crystal ball surface, that relates to the masses or
to individuals. Most often using a natural crystal ball, not a man-made lead crystal ball.


Dark Moon
Another name for the New Moon. Often refers to a time of rest when no magickal ceremonies or rituals should be

A ceremony marking ones dedication to a spiritual path or tradition. This is often a personal ritual, designed to
firmly set one’s spiritual intent on their chosen path.

Deasil (Deosil)
Moving in the direction of the sun, or in a clockwise motion.

The gift of “feeling” universal energies and being able to interpret their patterns into verbal explanations.
Interpreting symbolic meanings held within a tarot card is also a form of divination.

Divination Channel
There are varying types of divination channels, as a whole, this is a person who has developed the knowledge and
awareness to tap into Divine energies to interpret their patterns or meanings for spiritual understanding, or
forecasting a coming event or issue.

Divine, The
A label used to refer to the God-like consciousness of the Universe. A complete and fully encompassing ‘spiritual

In Magik, Drawing a Circle, Drawing Down the Moon and so on, is a ritual or ceremony to pull into yourself and your
environment Divine energies for interaction.

Drawing Down The Moon
A ritual designed to draw the presence of the Divine (God/Goddess) into oneself (or a Coven’s Priest/Priestess) to
be the personified figure of a Divine being.

Dressing a candle
Anointing a candle from the wick outward through the wax with scented oil for a specific spiritual use.

Originally a Celtic order of Astronomers and Healers. The association has migrated to people who hold a strong
understanding of nature and hold an attachment to Divine energies and spiritual purpose to preserve it.


The fourth element of the alchemical tradition. Earth is the essence of grounding and stability, the element of
the West and the nature of balance.

In alchemy terms, the world is divided into four major elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

A force or inherent power which is part of all living things, seen and unseen.

Associated with the phases of the Moon, a ceremonial time which is perfect for magickal work, such as Casting,
healing, consecrating tools etc.

An intrinsic, fundamental nature or quality of something. The inward nature of anything which represents the
underlying characteristics and relation to anything else.

An ancient Jewish sect of ascetics and mystics which existed in the 2nd century.

To be needed or required of something. In strict usage: That which constitutes the absolute essence or fundamental
nature of a thing, and therefore must be present for it to exist.
I know this isn’t a magickal term, but consider the significance of the root portion of this word ‘Essen’ then
review the previous two definitions (Essence, Essene). Maybe you too will find it interesting.

An other term for the spiritual world. That which exists in pure energy.


An animal which has a strong psychic link with a Magikan (often associated with a Witch). The animal is considered
to be a magickal partner who adds energy and insight to magickal communications, events and practices.

The three Fates: Birth, the thread of Life and the transition of Death.

Feminine Energy
The intuitive, feeling side of life. The female aspects of the God/Goddess. {In a simplistic example: You think
your hungry (that’s feminine energy), you get up and make a sandwich, (that’s masculine energy).}

The second element of the alchemical tradition. Fire is the essence of purification and change, the element of the
East and the nature of the will.

Full Moon
Full Moon nights are used for all magickal endeavors. These nights in particular are perfect for magickal works and
drawing favorable energy in ceremonies and rituals.


An astral body or spiritual entity showing itself as a human being, only hazy or less dense than a physical body.
Most often a soul that has transitioned to death, but does not want or does not know they have passed. Seen
always in full form from head to toe. Can also be called a phantom.

A specific male or female representation of the Divine force of all creation. Many Pagan belief systems define
‘God’ as the God/Goddess recognizing the essence of both male and female energies within the Divine force.

A magickal cup cauldron or horn used primarily in Celtic and European traditions. Utilized as a grail, these
vessels hold elixirs for healing, wines for ceremonial rituals, or as a symbol of the ‘water of life’.
{see also Holy Grail}

Great Spirit
Often associated with Native American terminology, this is a label assigned to the Divine force of all creation.
Like the God/Goddess of the Pagan, the Great Spirit symbolizes all aspects of the Universe. Can also be
associated to Celtic beliefs as the Great Spirits, making the word plural to fully recognize that all things
are part of the Divine forces of all creation.

(Latin ~ gramarye “magick”). Often used to refer to a book of magickal incantations, spells, elixirs and potions.

To become ‘connected’ to the earth and calm energies.

Guardian Angel
An angelic being who watches over the souls of several individuals simultaneously. A force that can be called
upon for protection, assistance in rituals or for help in gaining clarity on issues in ones life.

The energies/entities of the four Elements, four directions and four watchtowers of nature. Can also be associated
with an individuals personal guide.

A spiritual being who assists an individual through certain aspects of their life. There are 4 types of spiritual
guides in ones life: Spirit Guide, Relative Guide, Guardian Angel, Master Teacher. Always seen from head to
torso, floating on air; never with legs and feet. {see also animal guides}


Healing Channel
A person who has developed the knowledge and awareness to direct energy from the Divine forces to a person,
animal, plant, place or thing for the purpose of healing.

Using various plants as creams, powders, deodorizers and other such productions to promote health. Scientists
today have proven many of the ‘Old Wives’ remedies handed down from the Middle ages, do hold value.
{see also Magickal Herbalism}

Described as spiritual texts which date to the early days of Christianity. These writings describe information on
astrology, magik, mysticism and alchemy.

High Magick
A form of detailed and strict ceremonial magick based on Egyptian traditions.

Higher Self
The part of each individuals soul which contains the root memories and wisdom of Divine knowledge. The part of
the soul that connects all spiritual beings to the collective Divine conscience.

Holy Grail
In the Christian tradition, the cup used by Jesus during the last super. Which was later used to catch the blood
of Christ during the crucifixion.

Holy Water or Holy Oil
A liquid which has been blessed by Divine spirit and consecrated for a specific use in a spiritual ceremony,
ritual or event.


An individual who has taken on the responsibility of becoming a servant or teacher of spirit. A Wiccan priest and
a Catholic Nun are both forms of an initiate.

A form of vow or dedication to a particular belief system. Initiations mark the acceptance and dedication of a
spiritual path, most often a coven or tradition. Initiations are performed by invitation.

Everyone is intuitive to some degree. Some are just more sensitive to the subtle energies around all things.
Being intuitive means being able to sense or “feel” those energies.

To call upon spiritual forces, energies or entities. To invoke magick is to summon magickal energies for a
particular purpose or event.


A hallowed pumpkin with a carved face and lit from the inside by a candle or light. Used in modern days as a
decoration for Halloween. It’s original purpose was a tool to ward or scare off spirits that might come haunting
on All-Hallows-Eve or Samhain. On this night, the veil between life and spirit is opened and spirits walk freely
amongst the living.

Another name for God, especially in the Christian translation of the Old Testament.

To place bad energy or negative purpose on an individual, situation or spiritual tool. {Remember what you put out you
get back 3 Fold}.


The Law of Cause and Effect. which is held by those with a belief in reincarnation. The basic principal of Karma
is being responsible and accountable for whatever you do in your life. Either now, in the future or in a future

Kitchen Witch
An individual who practices their own combination of magick within their home and with tools and objects found in
and around their home. This is a very special, simple and personalized form of magickal practice.

A pot used for boiling. In magick a kettle is often an iron or brass pot. Used as both a mixing bowl and/or a
utensil for heating herbal remedies, a magickal kettle has been consecrated during a spiritual ceremony for
the sole purpose of spiritual use. Much like holy water is blessed by a Priest for the specific purpose of
anointing ones soul with Divine energies.

A skirt made of tartan wool, with deep pleats. Mostly worn by men of the Scottish Highlands.

Kinetic Energy
The force or ‘energy’ created by motion.

King James Bible
A translation of the Christian Bible for use by the Protestants. Often seen as the worst manipulation of the
scriptures for political and personal gains.

A Turkish based word meaning fate or fortune.

The sacred text of Islam. Believed to contain the knowledge bestowed upon Mohammed by Allah.


An intricate set of passages, in a building or garden. In earlier times, the labyrinth was used as means of
spiritual searching. An individual would enter a garden of tall box-shrubs and walk the labyrinth, presumably
learning about their own nature and personality as they succeed and fail throughout the passage ways.

An other term for the female aspect of God/dess, most often used in conjunction with ‘Lord’.

Light, Divine
Spiritual energy from the Divine forces, that can be seen as a bright white light.

An other term for the male aspect of God/dess, most often used in conjunction with ‘Lady’.


(also magick, magique) c.1384 from O.Fr. magique “art of influencing events and producing marvels”; from L. magice
“sorcery, magic”; from Gk. magike female form of magikos “magical,” from magos “one of the members of the
learned and priestly class”. Practitioners of Witchcraft adopted the Greek spelling “magike” and later “magik”
to differentiate between stage magic and the science of energy manipulation. The practiced faded and was
repopularized in the first half of the 20th century by Aleister Crowley when he introduced it as a core
component of Thelema. Using the will to affect universal energy for a specific use and purpose. Often
considered by many as supernatural, practioners see it as understanding the most basic of natures principles
and being able to interact and work with those energies. When we speak of Magick we are talking about the
science of energy manipulation through ritual, ceremony or spell as a conscious direction of will to accomplish
a goal.

Magick Circle
An area designated as a sacred space for spiritual practices. Outlined by items of nature, such as a rope of natural
fibers, stones, wood or even people, the sacred circle based on the principles of the ‘Wheel of Life’.

Magick Name
A name given to an individual for spiritual purpose. The name can be given by a Spiritual Guide, a Spiritual
Teacher or a family relative. This name is used in magikal ceremonies, or as a means to identify the “spiritual”
nature of a person.

Magickal Herbalism
Combining the scientific with the spiritual. A means of mixing plants into herbal remedies while enhancing the
known attributes and energies of the plants to aid to it’s effectiveness through magikal rituals and/or
consecrations (or spells).

Someone who has studies several styles or sects of magick and has chosen bits and pieces from all for the bases
of their own personal spiritual ideals. A person with very loose affiliations, if any at all, to any particular
esoteric belief system.

Masculine Energy
The ‘do’ or grounded side of nature. The masculine aspects of the Divine within us all. {In a simplistic example:
You think your hungry (that’s feminine energy), you get up and make a sandwich, (that’s masculine energy).}

Master Teacher
A spiritual entity on a higher spiritual plane of existence, who assists certain individuals designated as
spiritual teachers (such as the Pope, a Minister, or Priest/Priestess, etc.). They help with the responsibility
of ‘leadership’, the dissemination of knowledge, and the more advanced spiritual evolutionary issues that a
spiritual teach must be cognizant of.

Medicine Pouch
A ceremonial bag which holds a variety of objects which hold special or spiritual meaning to the owner. It can
contain, stones, feathers, amulets or charms. For healers it is often filled with useful herbs which are
utilized in healing ceremonies and practices.

A form of prayer. A means of quieting the mind, balancing ones energies and raising the conscious mind to a higher
plane of Divine existence.

Meta “higher and beyond”, physics “study of science”. A philosophical doctrine that all things are a part of one
main source (intelligence and energy), and that each thing animated or inanimate should be respected for its
particular form of this one main source. From Latin, the study of science beyond the physical realm, studying
the first principals or underlying creations and causes of things.

Moon Magick
A magick ritual, ceremony or practice conducted in association with a particular phase of the moon. Most often
aligns one’s energies and purpose to the feminine aspects of the Divine.


The practice of conducting healing through combining sound and music composed for the specific purpose of healing.

A Hindu term meaning “I salute the divinity in you”. Usually said with the palms pressed together in front of
the chest and with a slight bow.

Nature Divas
An order of divine angels that govern the realms of nature, such as Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Plants and Animals.

Nature Spirits
An order of spiritual beings beneath Nature Divas, who act as nature messengers between the spiritual and
physical realms. Often called Nature Sprites.

Nature Sprites
See Nature Spirits.

Near Death Experience {NDE}
To be declared clinically dead and returned to life remembering the experience of the Life Force leaving the
physical body the reason for returning.

(Latin ~ necromantia “divination by corpses”) To perceive psychic information with the help of the etheric
world for guidance, protection and prophecy.

Neopaganism: coined in the days of the Great Greek thinkers, it is a label assigned to pagans who follow a
set of nature based beliefs and practices. Today’s Witchcraft is more neo-pagan than anything else. .

New Age
A cultural movement combining beliefs in various eclectic, pagan and eastern religions or philosophies.
Also connected with a period of time of intense spiritual growth from 1920 to 2000.

New Moon
A phase of the moon when the lunar planet is between the earth and the sun and the dark side of the moon is
facing the earth. A phase in magick that is used for personal growth, healing and blessing of new projects
or ventures. It’s also a good time to consecrate new tools and objects you wish to use during rituals,
ceremonies or an up coming festival.

Night Witches
A force or person who works their magickal practices only at night for the purposes of creating negative
energies, spells or prayers.

In Buddhism, Sanskrit and Vedic, the state of perfect spiritual bliss achieved by the absorption of the soul
into the supreme spirit.

A period of nine consecutive days when one practices their spiritual beliefs through prayers and devotions.

The practice of attributing meaning or characteristics to numbers, such as birth dates.

Any group of minor nature Goddesses living in trees, rivers and woodland areas.


Oak People
A group of Druids who lived in England.

Oak Tree
(Celtic, Germany, Slavic and Rome) A Tree species believed to be chosen by The Divine Spirit as a spiritual
tool or gateway to divine energies. Anyone who drew energy from it would go to heaven. Often worshiped in
ceremonies and rituals. Also called the Tree of Life.

(Latin ~ occulere, “to conceal”) That which is hidden behind outer appearances and is embedded in magickal or
mystical. In Western philosophies, to use nature to develop psychic skills and to constructively probe
ancient mysteries and philosophies for the purpose of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

From Aristotle ~ the study of dealing with the fundamental essence of all things, visible and invisible, as
opposed to material existence.

(Greek) A person or thing that serves as an agent of divine communications. Can also be a building or shrine
where a God speaks to people through the priests or priestesses.

Oracle At Delphi
A building constructed on a mountain slope that emanated a peculiar vapor. When the psychic Pythia sat in the
building the vapor reportedly helped to open her psychic doors and permit Apollo to work through her.
Together they gave guidance to individuals and leaders of countries.

Order of the Golden Dawn
A society founded in England during 1887 by the Rosicrucians. It was patterned after the Hermetic Society
and brought many great ancient truths from the spirit world to it’s members.

(Egyptian) A symbol of the God of creation, King of the Underworld and symbol of immortality.

Ouija Board
(French and German) A trademark for a manufactured board that spells out answers to questions. It has been known
to draw the inferior entities to move the indicator and provide false information. When used as a game or by
those who do not fully understand how to protect ones energies and raise their vibrational levels to the Divine
spirit, this tool can lead to physical dangers. It is not the tool of choice by positive energy psychics.

Out Of Body Experiences {OBE or OOBE}
Occurs when the soul body moves out of the physical body into the etheric realm. This occurs randomly during sleep
hours to replenish the vitality of the physical body and/or to work through spiritual, karmic, or clarification
lessons at a higher level of awareness. The soul body is always attached to the physical body through a long
silver cord attached from the physical solar plexus to the soul body’s solar plexus.


c.1375, from L.L. paganus “pagan,” in classical L. “villager, rustic, civilian,” from pagus “rural district,”
originally “district limited by markers,” thus related to pangere “to fix, fasten”. By modern definition:
any religion that does not espouse to the doctrine of Abrahamic religions, which include Judaism, Christianity
and Islam. When we say pagan we are talking about the ‘rural adherence to the old gods’, meaning religions
that do not follow the doctrine of Abrahamic religions. This would include a large category of religions
from ancient Buddhism to Shamanism. In mid-evil times pagans were seen as non-Christian and therefore were
considered to be heathens.

Pagan Metaphysics
Because of the centuries of persecution, propaganda and negative connotation, many modern neo-Pagans are moving
away from the title Witchcraft for the religion and replacing it with Pagan Metaphysics.

A person who interprets the lines of the palm into spiritual or symbolic meanings

An art of analyzing all aspects of the hands to “tune into” one’s past, present, future and general
characteristics; such as health and wealth; to provide guidance and spiritual information.

(Greek ~ pan “all”) A doctrine that God is ALL. The sum total of everything that exists. Includes animate
and inanimate, all celestial bodies, and that humans are manifestations of God, as is all emotions, good
and evil; and so on.

(Greek ~ pan “all”, theos “gods”) A temple or building for all the Gods. Today many Pagans see this as a
listing or grouping of the the major deities of any religious system which make up the “whole” deity and
the single source of divine power. Artemis, Athena, and Isis are examples of female Pantheons. Apollo,
Bacchus and Odin are examples of male Pantheons.

Anything beyond the present accepted explanations of science. Often pertains to psychic events, gifts or beliefs.

The study of invisible energies around all things and their action and reaction to mankind through other means
than the normal five senses.

A tool made of string, thread or chain with a weighted object attached to one end. Used for communicating
between the the physical and spiritual worlds.

(French ~ “to hang”) Any talisman used for psychic operations that “hangs” from the body, most often the neck
in the form of a necklace. Acts as a shield, passive and defensive, for physical and psychic protection,
as well as, to enhance one’s energies when called upon.

A five pointed star, often encased in an outer circle. Symbolizing each aspect of the universe. Considered
to be one of the most powerful spiritual symbols of all ceremonial rites.

An astral body or spiritual entity showing itself as a human being, only hazy or less dense than a physical
body. Most often a soul that has transitioned to death, but does not want or does not know they have passed.
Seen always in full form from head to toe. Can also be called a ghost.

Physical World, Body or Universe
That which we can see, feel, touch and taste with our five physical senses. Pertains to the mundane third
dimensional existence.

Pineal Gland
The pineal gland is an endocrine gland, like the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal gland, and pancreas.
Because of our relative ignorance about the pineal gland for so long, it became the object of mythical
theories and attributions. Rene Descartes called it the “seat of the soul” because it appeared to be the
only brain structure not composed of two symmetrical parts. The pineal gland is lodged very deep in the brain,
close to its center. From a metaphysical perspective it provides the connection between the earthly realm and
a spirit world.

Piscean Age
A period of time associated with a particular phase of spiritual growth and enlightenment. The age the planet
is leaving as it moves into the Age of Aquarius. The age of the fish and it’s element, water. which includes
the sinking of Atlantis, the flood of Noah, walking on water by Jesus, baptism into a spiritual life by water,
conquering the “flat” sea by the Vikings and Columbus, discovery of the oceans by submarine and scuba technology.

Pituitary Gland
A double-bean-shaped organ suspended in a bony cavity beneath the brain behind the upper bridge of the nose.
Often called the ‘third eye’, the Pituitary is considered to be the location of the 3rd eye or psychic eye.
In the physical body, it controls electrical impulses (the communications) from the Brain and pineal glands,
interpreting the physical and emotional energies from these impulses, the pituitary regulates the release of
hormones of all other glands of the Endocrine system. Violet in color, feminine in energy.

To perceive mentally or through a “gut feeling” regarding the future of one’s self other people or society as a
whole. Most often comes in the form of a precognitive dream, or a precognitive vision during a meditative state.

(Greek ~ psychiokos “psyche, soul or that which is mental” / Tibet ~ “vital or secret”) The sensitivity of
the mind and body to subtle vibrations in within the universe, often called the 6th sense. Everyone is
psychic to some degree. Like the other five senses, each person has their own level of awareness or
ability with that sense, some people have better eye sight than others, just as some people have a
heightened awareness to the unseen energies and vibrations within the universe.



(Hebrew ~ also called Cabbala, Kabala, Kabalah, Kabbala, Qabala, Quabalah, Quaballah and Quabbalah)
A book that carries the esoteric tradition of Israel, the ancient Hebrew culture that gives the European
spiritual culture its roots. Traces back to the Chaldeans; put together in the Middle Ages; the wisdom
of a sacred and hidden science.

The four directions; North, South, East and West. The four elements; Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Used in
some witchcraft traditions to creating a magick circle or sacred space for ritual, ceremony or spiritual work.

An individual or client, who desires to receive information from a psychic nature.

A person who answers or provides psychical information to a Quarrant.


Raising Vibrations
To accelerate the vibrations in an area or within an individual to provide energy and increase ones ability
to connect to the higher realms of universal consciousness. Can be accomplished through song, voice,
clapping or intense meditative thought.

(theory) The activation of the subconscious mind into the Akashic records through meditation or guided
hypnosis, to recall parts of a past life. A very emotional experience of viewing a past incarnation(s)
and understanding how those events are affecting the current physical embodiment now.


What is sacred, reverence for the gods,”. Modern sense of “recognition of, obedience to, and worship of a
higher, unseen power” is from 1535. “Religious” is first recorded c.1225. Transferred sense of
“scrupulous, exact” is recorded from 1599.

1. A set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially. when considered
as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances,
and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
2. A specific fundamental set
of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects.
When we say religion we are talking about a group of people who have organized a fundamental set of common
spiritual beliefs as the foundation for their religious practice.

(Zen ~ Rei “Universal” / Ki “Lifeforce” pronounced Ray-Key) A method of healing by which the healer acts as a
channel for the universal or divine energies helping to direct that energy into a person, animal, plant
or even a situation.

(theory) A spiritual belief that the soul of a living thing never dies, but instead transitions from one
life time to the next, gaining knowledge, wisdom and understanding. As well as redeeming karmic debts
and credits for deeds done during a past incarnation.

Relative Guide
A spiritual guide who was a relative to you in this lifetime. This spiritual guide helps an individual through
the day to day grind and nitty gritty processes of life. They are the spirit who greets you at the door when
it comes your time to transition from life to death.

A belief in powers higher than one’s self, backed by faith and personal experience rather than logic and science.
Should also contain basic principles particular to that group or order. Major religions of the world:
Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Islam, Sufism, and Wicca. Religion is the creation of
man, or more to the point, it is mans approach to God(s). Thus the best we can hope for is that we find a
method of approaching God/Goddess pleasing to God(s) and to us.

Religious Cycles
(theory) A high and low cycle of interest. All religions seem to following this theory, when hundreds of people
join their sects and everyone becomes more active and interested, the religion is said to be on a high.
Then membership and interest falls within the sect as hundreds of people leave the faith, and the religion
reaches a low point. This cycle is said to occur every 625 years.

A An event or particular form of ceremony that is built up by tradition and carries with it a great amount
of spiritual purpose, focus and energy.

Ritual Cup
A cup, bowl, horn or other type of drinking vessel which holds liquid for use during a ritual. This liquid
is also symbolic in nature having been prepared for purposes of the gathering.

Ritual Magik
(Europe, West Africa) Proven processes and ceremonies used to execute a particular form of magick, such as
summoning natural forces, conducting incantations, consecrating and dedicating magickal tools and so on.

(Germanic/Celtic) An early form of writing, runes were chiefly used for communicating and magickal markings.
They were carved on stones, wood or any where the user believed them to be most effective.


The eight festivals or holly high days of the year for pagans. Celebrating the movement of life through the
magickal calendar.

An area designated to be used for spiritual events and practices only. Often includes some type of alter
containing symbols of spiritual significance for the group or person using the sanctuary.

An ancient Indo-European, Indic language; the most important religious and literally language of India.
A mystery language of the Brahman.

Scribe a Circle
To draw a magikal circle or wheel as an act of protection, within a room, outdoor space or within a sanctuary.

“Seeing”, to perceive psychic visions on clear, shiny surfaces that relate to the masses or to individuals.
Most often using a clear crystal, clear water, polished mirrors, shiny black ink and so on.

An antiquated term meaning a group gathering of dedicated persons and at least one well-grounded medium for
the purposes of contacting spiritual entities for communications.

(Sanskrit) In the strictest definition “one who lives life in self-denial for spiritual purpose”. However,
this word is more often viewed through it’s secondary meaning “one who is dedicated to a spiritual life
achieving a level of leadership and teaching”. The term began in India and slowly migrated in two directions,
to Germany, Scotland, Ireland, to North America, and from India to the Orient. Shaman is the masculine
variation, Shamanka is the female version.

(Siberia, UralAltaic, Irish/Scottish, Central Asia, Orient, Native American) A very highly respected profession
wherein one serves his or her community as a spiritual leader. Providing guidance through psychic skills,
healing abilities and communications with Divine spirit. Believed to be learned from a past incarnation
and initiations, along with study and practice in the current embodiment.

(Tibet, Celtic and Native American) To physically transform one’s self into an animal, bird, fish or an
inanimate object for a temporary period for spiritual purpose. A secondary meaning states it is the act of
projecting the soul mind into an animal or plant for purposes of communication, sharing knowledge and gain
wisdom by uniting energies to “feel” and interpret current patterns within the universe.

A specially created symbol or seal that can be used in Magick workings. It can be used as a sentence, phrase or
incantation pin-pointing ones actions and thoughts. It can also be used in place of sentence or phrase.

Silver Cord
An ethereal cobweb-like cable which connects the spiritual or soul body to a physical body. Often seen when
one astral projects and looks back or looks down. It penetrates through ones ethereal bodies from the
solar plexus areas.

Smudge Stick
(Native American) A bundle of herbs believed to have specific spiritual properties. Should always include
sage which clears an area of negative forces, and a second herb for calling in a spiritual aspect. Such
as cedar for protection or lavender for divination.

A spell is merely a focused prayer, recited in triplicate during a ritual commonly called a casting, or a
spiritual ceremony.

The whole part of a living thing. The culmination of all past life experiences, knowledge and energies.

Spiritual Entity
An astral body or spiritual being showing itself as a human being, only hazy or less dense than a physical
body. Often becoming visible when a message is to be given or help is called for. Seen from head to torso,
floating on air; never with legs and feet.

Spirit Guide
A spiritual guide, who was someone you knew in a past life. Someone who is on the same spiritual level of
knowledge as yourself to aid and guide an individual through the higher purpose or mission of their life
in this embodiment.

A pre-designated portion of the spirit which will be incarnated into a physical body. The soul is connected
to the spiritual body through an energy “link” also called the silver cord.

Soul Mate
Most often confused as a “love” interest or life partner. A Soul Mate is a kindred soul with whom you have a
special spiritual connection, which does not imply a sexual partnership. They come into our lives to help us
learn a major spiritual lesson that will hopefully propel us over a deep chasm that has long been part of our
spiritual psyche. A soul mate can be a lover, a friend, someone who suddenly comes into your life and then
just as quickly moves out (after the lesson is over). They don’t come into every incarnation, that’s one of
the things that make a Soul Mate special.


(Greek ~ teleo “to consecrate”) An object consecrated with psychic energy to serve a specific purpose and intent.
Supporting desired changes and support to it’s owners environment or lifestyle.

(China) A religion which emerged from Confucianism. Concerned with spiritual grown and was the major underlying
influence in China for 2,500 years.

A deck of specially designed cards used for divination. The designs are used as symbolic messages for the reader
to interpret and relate to the client or quarrant.

Threefold Law
A belief that any energy put out into the divine universe will return to the sender three times. Ancient beliefs
state the energy will return to the sender three times, to the mind, body and spirit, thus the threefold.

Three times Three
A request by a witch during an invocation that the energy being sent out will return three times to each aspect
of the human whole. In other words, each aspect of Mind, body and spirit has within it these same aspects.
Three times Three is a request for karmic energy to return to each mind, body, spirit aspect within the
whole being of Mind, body and spirit. Or to return 9 times.

The sacred text of the Hebrew faith. Torah is the Hebrew word for Law, in this case God’s law for living a
spiritual life here on Earth and in the after life.

(Native American) An object, plant or animal that serves as a hereditary badge or emblem for a tribe, clan or
family. It represents the “whole” aspects of group. A totem can also serve as a sacred symbol for an
individual, representing the whole spiritual being of that person.

c.1380, from O.Fr. tradicion (1292), from L. traditionem (nom. traditio) “delivery, surrender, a handing down,”
from traditus, form of tradere “deliver, hand over”. The notion in the modern sense of the word is of things
“handed down” from generation to generation. Among neo-Pagans, a body of teachings, or any one of them, held
to have been received from family/clan/cultural group ancestors and originally handed down orally from
generation to generation. When we speak of Tradition in the neo-pagan community we are speaking of a
specific group that implements the beliefs held by the religion of Witchcraft and further defined and put
into practiced by a specific set of activities held in troth to that group. In other words, a Tradition of
Witchcraft further defines the beliefs and put those into practice based on their own troth, creed or rede
of faith.

Triple Goddess
(Pagan, Wiccan, Feminine Religions) The individual aspects of the one Goddess, the Maiden, Mother and Crone.
This feminine theme of a divine deity is represented in every culture around the world. She is often
represented by the three phases of the moon; Waxing, Full and Waning.

Twin Soul
At the time of your creation into a spiritual essence, you were created with an equal counterpart. Many people
call this simultaneous creation of two spiritual beings the birth of Souls, thereby making your counterpart
your Twin Soul. These two souls progress along their spiritual paths on a very individualistic basis. Never
incarnating together, and most likely not even in the same solar system. It’s part of the Universal balance,
the creation of Yin and Yang so to speak.


Under world
A spiritual plane of existence, considered to be on the “low” or dense end of the spectrum. A place where spirits
are trapped for various reasons, they do not realize or they are angry they have passed, committed suicide or
are bogged down with some kind of major karmic debt. Hitler for instance would be an example of this last reason.

Universal or Universal Consciousness
Pertains to the ‘all’, all things seen and unseen within all of divine creation.

Universal Hierarchy
(esoteric) A belief that there is order and form to the universe. Within that order is a hierarchy of spiritual
law and action containing seven levels or seven plains of existence. At the time of creation, a spirit began
it’s process of growth on the first plane. Learning lessons and gaining enlightenment through several
lifetimes allows the spirit to evolve to the next level. Angelic beings travel to all levels acting as
messengers for the spirits who have evolved to the 7th level.


Veil of Forgetfulness
A thin invisible field that shields the conscious mind and physical senses from the etheric world. Designed
as a veil of protection for the physical mind.

Verbal Charm
A word or set of words designed to give blessings or requests from Divine sources. “Bless You” is a form of charm.

A specific pattern within energy. Each thought has it’s own pattern and therefore it’s own vibration as an example.
A person who is sensitive to energy can distinguish the pattern or meaning behind an energy form by sensing
it’s vibrational frequency, color, sound and/or order.

A psychic who can perceive messages from spirit in the form of images, pictures or scenes through the third eye.
Most often these people can also put a pictorial form to any energy pattern they “tune into” and interpret
that image for themselves or others. Visionaries can be very uncanny with their ability, often causing some
people to feel uncomfortable at their ability to read beyond the surface.


A symbol of air. Most often a slender stick or small staff used by a Magickan as a psychic tool. Serves as an
instrument to direct the energy emanating from a channels hand to an object, event, person or a situation
the magickan wants to create.

(Scottish, Anglo-Saxon) An ancient term often misused. The European derivation of Warlock means “Oath Breaker”,
therefore most European traditions of the Craft do not use this word. However, the Norse derivation means
derives from ‘vardlokkur’ which meant a man with the power of binding spirits using runes, calls and
knot-magic. It was also used as the label for the Gate Keepers or Guards who protected spiritual knowledge
and wisdom.

The third element of the alchemical tradition. Water is the essence of love and fertility, the element of the
south and the nature of emotions.

Wheel of Life
A ‘wheel’ or symbolic circle divided into directional sections (North, South, East, West etc.). Each section
contains a certain energy, which designates specific uses, meanings or the existence of certain energy patterns.
The East represents fire, the sun and the place for communication as an example.

White Magik
Magik is neither good or evil, because life is made up of both aspects. However a witch who practices only
“good” Magik, that which does not interfere with an others free will, choice or spiritual lessons, is said
to practice White Magik.

An O.E. noun meaning “male witch, wizard, soothsayer, sorcerer, magician;” the male form of wicce. Use of the
word in modern contexts traces to English folklorist Gerald Gardner (1884-1964), who is said to have joined
circa 1939 an occult group in New Forest, Hampshire, England, for which he claimed an unbroken tradition
to medieval times. Gardner seems to have first used it in print in 1954, in his book “Witchcraft Today”.
Gerald Gardner’s followers (c.1954) established the tradition of Wica as a form of Witchcraft. In later
years, one of Gardner’s students assumed he spelt the word incorrectly Wica instead of the ‘old world’
spelling of Wicca and that he chose this word because of it’s ‘masculine association for a male witch’.
Today his tradition is known as Wicca. When we say Wicca today, we are talking about the modern tradition
of Wicca established by Gerald Gardner.

OE – a wise woman, shaman, or priestess in Germanic paganism, later in Norse paganism, and are a recurring
motif in Norse mythology. Derived from Proto-Germanic – The Old Norse word Völva meaning “wand carrier”
and it continues Proto-Germanic *walwo-n, which is derived from a word for “wand” (ON völr). Vala, on the
other hand, is a literary form based on Völva. Other names were seiðkona for women and seiðmaðr for men.
When we say Wicce, we are speaking of a woman who utilizes her knowledge and skills of Energy Manipulation
to provide guidance to those who seek her counsel.

(Sometimes withershins, widershins or widderschynnes) – To move in a counter-clockwise motion. However, in
certain circumstances it can be used to refer to a direction which is against the light. Such as being
the opposite of Deasil (clockwise or in motion with the sun).

O.E. wicce “female magician, sorceress,” in later use “a woman supposed to have dealings with the devil or
evil spirits and to be able by their cooperation to perform supernatural acts.” Use of the word in modern
context refers to any person, female or male, who practices the science of energy manipulation/magik.
It has been associated primarily with the religion of Witchcraft, but the label is used amongst other
practitioners in other religions, including Christianity, especially Christians from northern Spain,
Latin America and various Celtic regions. When we speak of witch we are talking about any person who
practices magik along with their own personal spiritual belief, be it Witchcraft, Christian, or some
other form of religious practice. Those that do not practice magik with or on a spiritual path are
witches, but rather Ceremonial Mages. The label “witch” distinguishes a person who practices magick
with religion, vs. one who only practices magick.

OE – wiccecraft. The practice and beliefs held by the neo-pagans. An indo-European magical religion or the
religion of the Witch. Witchcraft was first declared a crime in Eng. law in 1542; trials there peaked
in 1580s and 1640s but fell sharply after 1660. The last, in 1717, ended in acquittal. The Witchcraft
Act was repealed 1736. Earlier documented use of the word occurs c1480 in OE papers documenting the
negative influences of the Witch and her efforts to consort with the devil. Some believe this to be the
precursor or beginning movement against neo-pagan practices and the start of the Inquisitions of Europe.
When we say Witchcraft, we are talking about a religion that holds a common set of Nature based fundamental
beliefs and practices. These beliefs include a deep desire to live in harmony and balance with ones natural
world (seen and unseen), a respect for all things, reincarnation and karma, the believe that all things are
connected on both a physical and spiritual/soul level through energy and the God/Goddesses or Divine, that
this energy can be utilized to advance the soul toward spiritual enlightenment. This certainly isn’t a complete
list of all the practices and beliefs of the religion, but is offered as a general synopsis.

(Anglo-Saxon) Includes both sexes; One who is born with naturally given talents and energies who practices Magick
and who adheres to the pagan traditions. A wizard usually acts alone and is sometimes is considered to be a
semi-divine authority.


A place holder. A magickal symbol used in place of an unknown or secretive element.


(China) Energy that contains a positive or masculine charge of Polarity. It’s active and has the characteristics
of sunlight, fire, strength and heaven. It is the white side of the yin/yang symbol.

(China) Energy that contains a negative or feminine charge Polarity. It’s has the characteristics of darkness,
the moon, weakness and water. It is the black side of the yin/yang symbol.

(China) The symbol of divine polarity. The balance of all things. It indicates that everything in and around
the universe has an opposite.


(China, Japan) A branch of Mahayana Buddhism. A highly intellectual, metaphysical philosophy, concentrating on
meditation to reach enlightenment. It is not a religion, nor is there communication with the etheric world.


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