12-12-12 Journal Prompt

Good morning! I thought we would go ahead and get started on the journal prompts this
Remember, these are prompts to get your thoughts churning and the ink flowing.
You are by no means required to journal on this particular subject.
If you have a train of thought already pulling out of the station, go with it!
That being said, here we go.

This journal prompt is on numbers and numerology as today’s date is unique: 12/12/12.
We will not see a date with all the numbers the same in our earthly lifetime!

Do you have a particular number or sequence of numbers that speak to you?
When you look at the clock, does a particular time seem to “jump out” at you on a daily basis?
Looking into what your numbers mean can be very enlightening. There are numerous books and websites
devoted to the subject and I have found this site to be quite interesting:


What do your numbers signify?

Bright Blessings and Blessed New Moon


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