12-12-12 New Moon Abundance Check Ritual

Good morning on the cusp of our New moon start date!

I wanted to do this post to expalin a few things and offer you some abundance!
First, I will be posting the weekly lesson tomorrow! I think that my usual post day will be Wednesdays.
why you ask, this random day? We don’t have school on Wednesdays in France and it’s the day that I can get my
business squared away! So, of course I will post on the New Moon each time and then look for the following week’s
lessons on Wednesdays!

The lessons will be broken down in parts, a hopefully easy way for you to break down the reading into manageable
bites. There will be an assignment of some kind to accompany the weekly lesson. Unless I specifically ask for you
to post the answers, you do not need to as I will not correct them. They are for your journal.
That being said, feel free to ask your fellow sisters, questions or for advice or help. That is what we are here for!
The post will be in a document that will be pinned to the top all week for you to consult, but I will also post it
in pdf form in the same files for easy download.
Everyday there will be a journal prompt question that either Adrienne or I will also pin to the top for a day.
If you miss a day (or more) due to LIFE, then pick up where we are and move on! It’s no big deal! Anything missed
can always be made up at a later date!
There is a glossary of terms that has been posted to the files for you to consult!
The 4shared links are there as well!

Now for something lovely!
The New moon is all about beginnings, a time to begin projects or begin drawing things towards us. Abundance is
something that everyone could use a little more of and so I would like to share with you this simple ritual that
everyone can do!

It is called the New Moon Abundance Check.
The idea is on the New moon to use (or even draw) a check that you offer up to the universe to draw abundance
towards you. **Not all abundance is monetary**
You use one of your checks or you can draw your own. You do not add a date.

Pay to: write your name
Amount: Paid in Full (on the line, I write Paid in Full for the best possible outcome, an it harm none)
Signed: The Law of abundance.

Then put it somewhere safe and leave it until next New Moon, where you will burn it and start over!….don’t lose it!
lol The new one doesn’t seem to work until the old one has been burned or burried
You have 24 hours before and after New Moon to do this.
**for those who were worried about doing it during the Dark of the moon,
(which is the last few bits of waning moon before it begins waxing again)
just wait until it is the official New Waxing moon.

This ritual has never let me down! and Yes you can do it for others! I fill one out for every member of
my family. Some fun with kids is to allow them to add a wish to their check! Mine add one and don’t let me peek!

Here is the link to learn a bit more! There are also printable abundance checks out there…google them if you like!

xxx Blessings D


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