12-14-12 Journal Prompt

Let’s all say it together, “THANK GOD/DESS IT’S FRIDAY!!!” Okay, now that’s out of the way. J Onward!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s true
~ we all know that the ones we love truly Are beautiful.
Why? Because we look at them not just with our eyes, but with our hearts.
When we gaze at our children, our lovers, our friends, our gaze softens,
the edges blur and we see their beauty that lies within,
as well as what the rest of the world sees.

However, when we look at ourselves, our eye sharpens, we becomes critical,
and we rake ourselves over the coals. (my thighs are too fat, I have crappy hair, boy I’m getting lines, and on and on!)
Why do we do that? We encourage our children to accept themselves,
to love themselves and yet we don’t provide that example. Well,
today we begin! We are going to start an Affirmation Ritual.

In your journal, write at least Five Things that you like about yourself.
They can be anything. (I make great cookies.~ I am compassionate. ~ I recycle. ~ I have a beautiful smile.)
Be generous. Be kind.

Now here’s the really important part: Say them out loud. Announce them to the Universe.
Believe them. Get into the habit of saying them out loud every day.
It may feel strange or even silly at first, but say them anyway.
(If you would prefer not to have an audience, you can do this on your drive to work or in the shower.)
Add affirmations to your list from day to day, you are a beautiful, strong, child of the Goddess.

Remember, Deity lives within you. She is looking back at you in that mirror. Smile.

Bright Blessings ?

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