12-14-12 Yule Info and Some Assigments


Yule is the longest night of the year. Between the 20th and the 22th of December the sun reaches his lowest stand on the Nordic halfround.

We presume that this was also an important moment in the prehistoric ages beacause several buildings are so build that the sunlight with wintersolstice could shine exactly in the inside of the temples.

For example one of this temples is build by New Grange in Ireland.

This Tomb dates from 3200 before Christ.



Researchers have calculated that 300 workers have build this tomb for 20 years long. The tomb is kidney shaped and has an gangway of 19 meters.

Each year between the 17th and the 23th of december at sunrise the sunlight breaks through the entire entrance for about 17 minutes long.


What do we celebrate during Yule

Wiccans, witches (or whatever we call ourselves 😉 ) believe that the Goddess gives birth to the God (sunlight) and the sun will slowly return to earth.

The sun returns again, born from the dark and fertile lap from the Mother, the great Goddess.

The Lord of death is also the Lord of rebirth, and darkness now makes room for the light as each day grows longer.

People think that the word “Yule” can be descended from the danish word  “Hjul” which means “Wheel”.

Yule is also known as Wintersoltice or wintersolstitium.

Both names refel to the phenomenom that in this time of year days and nights have exactly the same length.

Before solstice the days becoming shorter and nights longer, while after the solstice the days are becoming longer and the nights shorter.

So the sun turned at solstice and light returns.

The wheel of the year turns and a next stage begins!!

(picture from enchanted moon.org)

The return of the light was very important to our ancestors, ’cause more light meant more sun and warmth, which meant a new period of growing for their plants, herbs, trees, flowers and vegetables.

If you look at yule on this way it’s not very strange that this was a time to celebrate. The worst part of winter was over and slowly the light returned to earth. People could now look forward to the time nature would bloom again and awakes from sleep.

Our ancestors saw yule as the midwinter,  their wintertime began already at Samhain. (but that’s another Sabbat 😉 the dark period of winter.

Nowadays we see it the 21th of december as the beginning of winter. This is just because of  our timecalendar.



My assignments:



Due to the Christian believes, everybody has a christmastree, but due to the wicca’s or witches everybody has a Yuletree.

The basicprincipe of both trees are very similar but still there are small differences and the thoughts about the tree are very different.

For you to find out what the differences are about these trees!!

Describe first what you can think of for your own and then look at books, internet of whatever to find more information to add on your own findings.

Oh and, don’t forget about the ornaments in the tree J



Day and night balances theirselves again at this time of year.

Yule time is all about sunlight and rituals are focused on the sun.

Make your own spell/poem for the sun to give him extra power.

Use minimal one from these words in your poem or spell:

Light, warmth, balance, cauldron, rebirth or reborn.

These are words that stand central for this wonderful feast!


A new calenderyear!!

Also we wicca’s, witches or pagans celebrate again this year with lots of eating and drinking! Everybody says that the year to come has to be better then the past year!

We seem to forget also good things have happened the passed year. Such a pity…

For you to make up a list of all the good things that have happened to you the passed year or good deeds you did for others or yourself and you want to happen again next year.

We’re gonna plant his list in the earth.

Search for a nice spot in the garden, forest, park or anywhere you feel comforted and save for as long as you can bury your list in mother earth.

Now bury your list into the still sleeping ground that slowly will awaken soon and by this way will take your wishes with her.

Ask Mother Earth if she will take your wishes so you can receive good things again in the year to come. Ofcourse you may give her an offer it that feels good for you.

Think about a little seed, plant of whatever.

Describe how you did this and what you felt while doing it and after you came home.


Good luck to you all and Blessed be,

Have a Magickal Yule!!!

Hugs Smoking Dragonheart


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