12-17-12 Journal Prompt

I cannot take credit for this idea, it was posted on FB for my Circle this last week
and Danielle and I thought it was wonderful:

Hello Year and a Day Family. I thought I’d post something whimsical
for our week leading into Yule and then Christmas.
I thought I’d post something fun for us all to do, an active prayer of sorts.
It is easy. You will need a sheet of paper.
As you go through the following text, you will notice numbers.
When you get to the number, you should come up with a fitting word or phrase
for that space and write it down. Then, when you are finished,
share your words with the rest of us in the comments so that we can all enjoy!


Yule! Yule means to me a time of (1).
It isn’t quite Christmas, which carries with it fond memories of (2).
Yule brings with it the sounds of (3) and the scent of (4);
it means (5) is in the oven or (6) is on the stove top.
Yule, that unique side of my spiritual holiday!

This year, I want to use the time of rebirth to pray for (7).
I pray for rebirth for all those people are experiencing (8).
I pray light into the life of people who need (9).
And I pray light and rebirth into my own heart,
because I am finding that at this time I have a special need for (10).
Oh Great Spirit, I pray gratitude for (11) and know that you are the source of
Good Will, Love, and Trust!

And at Yule, I want to share a feeling of (12) with my Year and a Day Family!
I thank the Divine for the blessing of our spiritual unity and our (13),
and pray that we continued to be blessed!

If I could wrap up (14) and give it to everyone here, I would!
But distance doesn’t keep hearts from loving one another –

So lots of love and Merry Christmas and Yule Blessings!

Bright Blessings,

And for Lagniappe (a little extra):


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