12-18-12 Journal Prompt

Journal prompt:
Well hello all! I have been letting Adrienne do all the work this week! But I am here!

I want to jnow how everyone felt about last week’s lesson! Good, bad too long not long enough?? How did you do??
Tomorrow the newest lesson will be posted!!

I am also going to offer the journal prompt today. Last week we talked about the different paths.
Today I want you to think about the one you are currently on and respond to these statements:

1. It gives you the tools to create your own reality. How?
2. It allows you to take greater control over your life. How?
3. It provides a framework for living in harmony with the cosmos and nature. How?
4. It can enhance your mental skills. How?
5. It can enhance your relationship with others. How?
6. It broadens your perpective of the universe. How?
7. it can put you in touch with the nonphysical realms of existence. How?
8. It can help to heighten your intuition. How?
9. It can improve your health. How?
10. It can connect you with a network of like-minded people worldwide. How?

You chose to take your path for a variety of reasons, this will help you to put those reasons
onto paper and to really see where you are at today!
Feel free to share any or all of your answers!!
Goddess Bless! xxx D


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