12-27-12 Journal Prompt

Journal Prompt

We’d all heard the theories. About 12-21-2012. The end of days.
Some bought into it, lock, stock and barrel. Some scoffed, laughed,
and rolled their eyes. And yet, so many just doubted… but waited all
the same. A tiny thread of fear…. The big “WHAT …. IF?” And despite
the predictions, and the hoopla, and the doomsday-sayers… the sun rose
on 12-22-2012 and the world sighed a wonderous, glorious sigh of relief.

But I still say: WHAT IF? What if we all took this as a sign? I believe
we are entering into an era of change. The Earth has been battered and
ignored, the Goddess cast aside. We’ve been here ~ in our individual
cocoons — we’ve been growing, learning…. It is time to Be. Be a light.
Be a voice. Be an advocate for our Mother Earth. It is time to emerge
from our shells, get to work, to stretch our wings and really test ourselves.

What do you want to BE? When others see you, what do you want them to see,
to feel? What do you want to achieve ~ not just for yourself, but for all?

Bright Blessings,


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