12-28-12 Full Moon Esbat Ritual: December’s Full Oak Moon

Full Moon Esbat ritual submitted by Dréa Zuniga ?


The full moon is the point when the moon reflects all light from the sun back to the earth.
It is appropriate for the Mother phase of the Goddess (Gaia, Selene, Demeter, Hera, Isis,
Hathor, Badb, Aradia, etc) and the Father phase of the God (Dagda, Zeus, Taranis, and others).
People say that the energies of the moon “peak” at the Full moon, but actually the energies
are just different. It always depends on what kind of working you are doing.

The power of the Full Moon can be felt two days prior to and after the actual Full Moon,
depending on how it looks. If the Moon appears lopsided on the second night after the actual
time of fullness, then its completion energy has ended and the Moon has entered into the time
of waning energy.

Significance of the Oak Moon Esbat: (also know as Cold Moon, Wolf Moon, Moon of Long Nights,
Long Night’s Moon, Aerra Geola or Month Before Yule, Wintermonat or Winter Month, Heilagmanoth
or Holy Month, Big Winter Moon, Moon of Popping Trees). The Mood Goddess at this time is heavy
with child – the Sun God, who shall be born at Yule. But before we celebrate the beginning of
the return of the light at Yule, or the Winter Solstice (21st December), we celebrate the Oak
Moon Esbat (15th December).

At this time in the Wheel of the Year, having faced and accepted death in its many forms, we
understand that nothing dies that is not reborn. Nature teaches us this lesson as we look about
the frozen and barren earth. Under the earth, life is waiting for the warmth of the Sun to warm
it and cause it to grow. Yet, it needs this time of rest before growing can occur. It is now that
we must take our lessons from the earth; to observe accepting we all must rest before a new cycle
begins, preparing to grow anew ourselves. During the Oak Moon, a transition occurs, we move in this
moon from death to birth, life renewed at the time of the Winter Solstice.

At the Esbat of the Oak Moon, there are many relevant rituals. To give candles as gifts at this
time of year is a wonderful thing to do – symbolizing our individual flames re-igniting at this
powerful time of year. Especially during this time you can create charged water that can be used
for rituals and spell casting, for cleansing and purifying, for anointing and consecrating.


Altar with Elemental representations of Earth (Salt), Air (Incense: Sandalwood, Wormwood, Myrrh,
Lemon Frankincense, Honeysuckle, Anise, Cedar Heliotrope, Betony, Lavender, Parsley or Thyme),
Fire (Red Candle) and Water (Water).

Ritual cakes (any natural bread or cake)

Wine or Ale (anything from the fruit of the vine/grain)

Silver (or white or blue) Mother Goddess Candle

Golden (or white) Father God Candle

Quarter Candles – Green (North), Yellow (East), Red (South) and Blue (West)


Wand or Athame for casting circle

Broom or Besom for cleansing the circle

Chalice or Cup for Libation for God and Goddess

Separate Wine Glass or Cup Cauldron

Others: A clear quartz or a moonstone and a piece of oak (if possible)

NOTE: In addition, you could place a silver coin at the altar. The coin can be used again and again,
then carried as a talisman or given to somebody else.


1. Purify Self:

Bathe and dress (optional)

Ground and center

2. Purify Space:

Take up the broom and walk widdershins around the circle sweeping from the center outward to cleanse
the circle of negative energy.

3. Lay out circle and altar items

4. Pick up the athame and draw an invoking pentagram in the air above the altar. Replace the athame
and say this invocation:

“Blessed Be, Instruments of Light, Tools now of magick with power and might.”

5. Light incense and candles

6. Hold your hand over each of the four Altar Elements and say for each one:

“Element of (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), I cleanse and consecrate thee in the names of the Lord and
Lady. I bring their blessings upon you now. So mote it be.”

Pass your hand over the element 3 times to banish, and then hold your hand steady to bless. Visualize
a sparkling light surrounding and infusing the element. Take up that element and go once deosil
(clockwise) around the circle. While walking, disperse the element while reciting the corresponding
blessing below:

“Powers of (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), this circle grace. Purify, cleanse, and bless this space.”

7. Ring bell 3 times, say something like:

“The circle is about to be cast under this full oak moon and I freely stand within to greet the Lady
and the Lord.”

8. Calling the Quarters:

Starting in the North and moving deosil around to the West, light the corresponding elemental candle,
and then invoke the quarter:


“I call upon light and earth at the north to illuminate and strengthen the circle.”


“I call upon light and air at the east to illuminate and enliven the circle.”


“I call upon light and fire at the south to illuminate and warm the circle.”


“I call upon light and water at the west to illuminate and cleanse the circle.”

9. Face north. Hold your athame or wand out at waist level. Walk deosil (clockwise) thrice around the
circle perimeter charging it with this chant. Recite 3 times:

“Round and Round the Circle’s Cast, Joining Present, Future and Past. A Sacred Place, A World Apart,
Where Powers Merge and Magick Starts.”

Once the circle has been cast, salute in the following way:

Take up athame and point it to the sky, while saying, “As above…”

Then lower athame to point it at the ground, while saying, “So below.”

10. Facing the altar, raise up your hands and say:

“Hail to the elementals at the four quarters! Welcome Lady and Lord to this ritual! I stand between the
worlds with perfect love and perfect trust!”

11. Pour some wine into the libation dish and say, “To the Lord and Lady!”

Fill the altar cup with wine. Hold up the altar cup and say, “I drink to the God and Goddess.”

Take a sip from the cup, and say, “Blessed Be.”

12. Ring bell 3 times, raise your wand and say:

“I, (name), who am your child, stand between the worlds and call upon my Lady and my Lord, (names), to
hold communion with me. If it harms none, do what you will. Thus runs the Witches Rede. I affirm my joy
of life and union with the Lady and the Lord. I honor the God and the Goddess, (names), for the favors
they have bestowed upon me, and ask their blessings upon me.”

13. Set the salted water on the pentacle, hold the athame over it, and say:

“Great Mother, bless this creature of water and of earth to your service.”

Hold water bowl aloft and say:

“Great Mother, I Honor you!”

Replace the water bowl in the proper place on the altar.

14. Place censer on the pentacle, hold athame over it, and say:

“Great Father, bless this creature of fire and of air to your service.”

Raise the censer aloft and say:

“Great Father, I honor you!”

Return censer to the proper place on the altar.

15. Raise the cup of wine aloft and say:

“Power and grace, beauty and strength are in the Lady and the Lord both. Patience and love; wisdom and
knowledge. I honor you both!”

16. Pour a libation into the cauldron and take a sip of wine. Stand with head bowed and arms crossed
over chest; chant the name of the Goddess and then proceed:

“As (name of the Goddess) know, this is the moon of my Lady as mother, Queen of the Heavens, of
unconditional and perfect love, Initiator of great mysteries and keeper of cycles and seasons.
The wheel turns through birth, death, and rebirth, and every end is a new beginning. You are the
passage from life to life. You are she who is at the beginning and the end of all time. You, with
your Lord (God’s name) at your side, abide in us all. So mote it be!”

Enjoy a moment of reverent silence to consider the mysteries and your special closeness to the Mother
Goddess, accept her restful and healing energies into your life. May they prepare you for the future
growth that the return of the Light represents.

You may now do any spell work appropriate for the full moon and/or you can also read something
inspirational with the energy of fresh starts and new hope, sing, meditate on the joy and optimism
brought through a new beginning.

NOTE: This oak moon we have a void of course from 9:42 ET the 28th to 2:43 ET the 30th, so I wouldn’t
do any spellwork during this time… maybe it would be preferable to do the ritual a few hours before
if you want to do any kind of spell.

17. Take up the plate with the cakes and say “May I never hunger.”

Take a bite, and then say, “Blessed Be.”

Take up the wine and say “May I never thirst.”

Take a sip of the wine and and then say, “Blessed Be.”

Give thanks for one thing that you are thankful for, and request assistance for one thing that you
are in need of.

18. Releasing the Quarters

Starting in the North, and moving widdershins around the circle to the East, go

to each element candle and say the following release:


Depart in peace, Elemental Earth. My blessings take with you!

(Snuff the Northern element candle before proceeding to the next quarter)


Depart in peace, Elemental Air. My blessings take with you!

(Snuff the Western element candle before proceeding to the next quarter)


Depart in peace, Elemental Fire. My blessings take with you!

(Snuff the Southern element candle before proceeding to the next quarter)


Depart in peace, Elemental Water. My blessings take with you!

(Snuff the Eastern element candle before proceeding to the next quarter)

Facing the Altar, Say:

Beings and powers of the visible and invisible, depart in peace! You aid in my work, whisper in my
mind, and bless me from the Otherworld, and there is harmony between us. My blessings take with you.
The circle is cleared.

19. Thanking the Goddess, Say:

“I give thanks to the Goddess for guarding my circle and joining my rite. Hail and farewell.”

Extinguish the silver candle.

20. Thanking the God, Say:

“I give thanks to the God for guarding my circle and joining my rite. Hail and farewell.”

Extinguish the golden candle.

21. Closing the circle

Take the Athame or Wand and retract the energy of the circle back into yourself moving widdershins
(counter-clockwise) beginning in the north around to the east (North – West- South – East – North)
envisioning the blue light going into the athame or wand, using the following chant (3 times):

The circle is open yet the circle remains as its magical power is drawn back into me.

Once the circle is closed, say the following salute:

“The ceremony is ended. The circle is open, but unbroken.”

NOTE: Ground yourself again if you need to release some of the excess energy.


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