12-29-12 Prayer Intention

Saturday Intention:

12 years ago, I gave birth to my second daughter. When I took my tiny 5 lbs peanut into my arms,
I was reminded of the miracle of life and spirit. For a woman, there is nothing quite like giving
birth or taking part in the many womanly mysteries to remind one’s self of their own divinity. An
idea too often forgotten in our day to day. The fact is we are all divine spirits having a human
As we go about our daily business, we often get bogged down with earthly issues, health, finances
and just regular living and forget or push our spiritual needs to the backburner. These concerns
are important, don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating to “leave all one’s earthly issues behind.
We have to live in this world while we are in it and I am all for having a good life, one full of
But balance is a life where we don’t forget what I said earlier: we are all divine spirits having
a human experience.”
This means that no matter how much we nourish our bodies, bank accounts and possessions, we will
never find true health and contentment until we begin nourishing the spirit equally. For each person
this will mean different things. Some can be fully content with small things, while others will need
organization and structure.
For the intention today, I want to introduce or re-introduce the idea of Namaste into your thought
The definition of Namaste (pronounced na, ma, stay) is both a physical gesture and a spoken spiritual
salutation, which is the recognition of the divine spirit (or soul) in another by the divine spirit in you.
The word Namaste translates simply to “I bow to the divine in you.”

The reason why we do Namaste has a deep spiritual significance. It recognizes the belief that the life
force, the divinity, the Self or the God in me is the same in all. Acknowledging this oneness with the
meeting of the palms, we honor the god in the person we meet

Most everyone knows the idea behind this salutation, but today I want to turn it inward and have each
person find and salute their own divine spirit by seeking it out and spending time with it;
Sit down in a quiet place. Make sure you will not be distracted and that you are comfortable: loosen
up your clothing, let down your hair…
Close your eyes. Take a moment to be present. Close the door on the events of the day, leave them
behind for a moment. Breathe in through your nose, hold your breath in your belly for a couple of
seconds, and then exhale gently through your mouth. Release all the tension in your mind and in your
body with your exiting breath. As you inhale, imagine that you are inhaling a soothing light that
fills your body. This light brings warmth and a deep relaxation. Continue inhaling light and exhaling
tension, until you feel vibrant and peaceful.
Focus on your body. Let your awareness scan every part of your physical being. Let your mind linger
in your feet, legs, genitals, abdomen, back, chest, throat, arms, hands, shoulders, face, mouth, head…
Everywhere you go, look at the energy that lies there. Is there a lot? A little? Is it tense? Volatile?
Moving in waves? Pulsating? Is it a specific texture or color? What images or impressions do you get in
your head? Once you have done this survey, look at your being in its entirety and notice where your energy
is most concentrated. Is there a part of your body that holds more energy than others? Is there a place
where you feel most stable, a place where you feel at home? What happens when you draw energy into this
place? You might feel a tickle, or hear music, or feel an urge to laugh or cry…. It might be mild or it
might be strong, but you will feel something different about that spot. Feel this universe within you,
feel your godly light shine and take hold of you. This is your center, the center of your energy body.
It may not be at a central point of your body. It could be in your hands, feet or forehead. Keep yourself
open to all possibilities. Take a few moments to concentrate on that point, to feel the well-being of being
in your sacred body space. This is where Spirit resides.
Once you have found your spirit, stay with it a moment. Feel it’s presence and really bathe in it’s warmth.
When you feel ready, lift your arms in salute and say “Namaste”

For intention today, I would like to send up shared energy that each person in the world take a moment
to acknowledge the god or goddess inside themselves, When more people begin doing this simple, yet
important act, we will finally begin to SEE that shift of consciousness that we have been hearing about.

Prayer of Becoming
May clarity grow within me
Open my eyes to life’s many wonders
May I feel the pulse of all creation within me
Open my spirit to Awareness
Fill my heart with deeper Understanding
May my life be of service to Earth and the Divine Spirit
Open my ears to the needs of those around me
Make my hands strong, sure, & gentle in your service
May I remember always, the Spirit works through me

Namaste xxx


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