01-15-13 Journal Prompt


I thought that this would be fun for all of us to look in to!

We all know what our astrology sign is.. And most of us know the characteristics of our particular sign… But did you know that each sign is also grouped according to other similarities: Element: Earth ~ Air ~ Fire ~ Water which show basic character, and by Quality ~ either Fixed ~ Mutable ~ Cardinal, which indicate how they tend to act.

For example, I am a Sagittarius which is a Mutable Fire sign. When I first read the characteristics I laughed out loud… they fit me like an old pair of jeans!

How well does your sign fit your personality? Your friends? What about your partner’s? Does this help to explain some of the dynamics within your relationships? (Three of us in my family are Fire signs with one Earth sign… that‘s a whole lot of heat!)

Bright Blessings,



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