12-05-12 Lessons schedule

Hello to everyone on day 2 here!

I could not shut down my brain and sleep so I thought that I might as well share the thoughts that I had…this may be long winded, forgive me!

First, I have changed our settings to SECRET and locked us down. We have stopped at 116 members, a bit more than originally agreed upon, but I know you wouldn’t have wanted me to disappoint anyone again.
I am now directing people to Krista Robbins group.


I know you probably have MANY questions, I would and do so we’ll get through this together.


I don’t have many.

As we are all adults and have come here to learn and grow, I will NOT be giving you very strict time limits on lessons. Nor will I be correcting them. I have 4 kids, am VP of our PTA, work full time as a high school teacher and ADMIN all sorts of things. I do not have the time. each lesson is for your growth, it is up to you if and how you do them. We will have a monthly themes with some kind of final task. And help will always be offered! Maybe mentors can be established!

**Lessons will be posted weekly with daily updates and journal writing prompts. Your participation here when your time allows will be my only criteria. I have done this before and always end up alone with my posts. 😦

Please post questions, comments and give help to others as you can. We all have something to learn and something to teach. also feel free to discuss and post- this is your space too!
I do not have all the answers, nor will I pretend to. That would be very silly on my part. But I am great at finding things out! and as luck would have it I have a great wealth of information at my disposal…I will be sharing! 🙂


As for monthly themes this is what I was thinking. **none of this is set in stone and we can always discuss and modify to make it work for us!

I tried to follow a logical progression

Starting at NEW MOON (logical right?)

Dec-Jan Wicca 101- crash course in certain basics for those who are new.


Feb-March- Spirit-Goddess and God and sacred spaces

March-April- Inner temple. Meditation grounding and centering Visualization

April-May- Basics of Energy and Reiki

May-June-Basics and science of magick, circles, rituals, moon cycles

June- July Herbs( planting, care, use…etc)

July-August- Spellcraft

August-September- Divination (tarot runes pendulum)

September-October- Crystals (maybe a return to Reiki?)

October-November- Setting up a daily practice
November- December-??? I thought we could brainstorm


Voilà my ideas. I am hoping that for each month we can set up committees (small groups of 4 or 5) to create the lessons. This is where you experience, passion or interest will be asked. That way we are all active participants in this learning and not just idle students. I will take month 1 as I have it pretty much ready.

I will also need a volunteer to be our Sabbat specialist. The person (or 2) that will work all year long to bring us lovely usable Sabbat info a few days before each Sabbat.
It might be nice to have a monthly volunteer for Esbat ritual posting (New and Full Moon? 🙂 )

You will need some kind of journal. A notebook, binder, computer..that’s up to you, but I will be asking to daily log info and impressions. It’s always nice to be able to go back and see how things evolve and grow…SO IMPORTANT!!


So there we go to start, phew! Please comment and give honest opinions! I know I don’t have to remind everyone to play nice- but the teacher in me will throw it out there anyway!

If you have questions or concerns, I am your girl! Keep in mind that I am in France and have a different time zone than some of you! We’ll discuss having others take on leadership roles as well!
xxxx Blessed be, new friends


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