02-09-13 4th Chakra: Heart

4th Chakra/Heart
Location: center of chest
Color: green Crystals/stones: green tourmaline, malachite, jade, chrysoprase, peridot, aventurine, moss agate, green jasper, and rose quartz Essential Oils to Balance the Root Chakra: rose, benzoin, meilssa, neroli, frankincense, bergamot, lavender, spikenard, oregano, marjoram, black pepper, sage, sandalwood, tansy, hyssop, cinnamon bark, laurel, camphor
The 4th Chakra, the Heart Chakra, represents our ability to love — the quality of our love, our past loves — and our future loves. The heart chakra acts as the balance point for all the chakras. It governs our relationships and how we interact with other people. A balanced heart chakra is expressed in acceptance of self and others, personal values and ethics, following one’s unique direction in life. When the heart chakra is open we are open to change and growth. We feel sympathy and empathy, are sensitive to others. The heart chakra is associated with hopes of the future and awareness of our spiritual purpose. This chakra integrates and connects opposites; ego and being connected to all that is, the mind and the body. When it is open, we are compassionate and friendly; we experience love, joy, acceptance and fulfillment. Some signs that the Heart Chakra is out of balance are:  Lack of self discipline  Difficulty in relationships  An attempt to live vicariously through another  Dependence on someone else for your happiness
If you notice that you are sitting with your head forward, shoulders rounded and your chest collapsed, it’s a good time to start practicing fourth chakra poses to give your heart some breathing space. When we lead with our head and not with the heart, we may be overly focused on thought and tend to cut ourselves off from the emotions and the body. When the heart chakra is deficient, you may experience feelings of shyness and loneliness, an inability to forgive, or a lack of empathy. Some signs that the heart chakra is overpowering your life can include co-dependency, possessiveness, jealousy, heart disease, and high blood pressure. For these symptoms, forward bends are the best antidote, because they are grounding and foster introspection. While people with deficient heart chakras need to open to receive love more fully, those with excessive heart chakras find healing by slowing down to discover inside themselves the nourishment they have been seeking from others. The most powerful way to open, energize, and balance not just the heart chakra but all of our chakras is to love ourselves and others. Love is the greatest healer. Believe it or not hugs can help heal this chakra! Have you met your minimum daily hug requirement? Loving touch is as important as nutritious food, evoking profound emotional healing. So if you haven’t hugged at least 12 people today, share the love!
Here is a wonderful website about the Heart chakra with some good advice on how you can start healing…. http://www.spiritual-and-alternative-healing.com/heart-chakra.html
Some you tube videos to help you meditate and clear your heart chakra…


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