02-10-13 Lesson 9: Month 3, Week 1: Energy

Energy Lesson 1
The Universe is composed of energy. Everything around you -everything you see and many things
you don’t- are composed of energy. You, too, are composed of energy. Your body, which seems
so solid, is composed of endless numbers of microscopic particles held together at the subatomic
level by energy.
Science has taught us this. But the Vedic sages of India have taught this too – for many thousands
of years. In Europe the Druids, and after them the Witches, recognized this fact as well. Even the
most solid stone is in fact composed of millions and billions of atoms and molecules orbiting each
other in the endless and graceful Dance of Life.
This is part of the meaning of that ancient maxim “AS ABOVE SO BELOW.” That just as we
live in a vast universe filled with countless stars, so too whole universes of a different nature exist
within us, within the microscopic make up of our being. Worlds within worlds. The
electro-magnetic energy which holds electrons and protons and other microscopic particles in
place has had many names; Chi (Asia), Mana (Polynesia), Orenda (Iroquois), Od (German), the
Force (Star Wars), and Psychic Energy (contemporary). For the purposes of these lessons we
will call it simply “energy.”
Energy is not static or inanimate – it is responsive and dynamic in character. It is like a fluid in it’s
movements, and is symbolically likened to water. Yet it is also likened to light and to fire because
of it’s effects. In more contemporary times it has also been likened to an electric current in it’s
qualities, though it is not so harsh or unpredictable as this. In truth energy is unique unto itself, and
only by working with it can you come to understand it -comparisons to other substances give only
a rough approximation of what it is like.
It is the shape this energy assumes that creates the pattern of the physical world we see around us
– for all physical forms are structured from it.We interact with this energy every day – in every
second of our lives. It constantly transforms, renews, or changes it’s shape within and around us.
This constant change responds to and is driven by our thoughts and emotions in ways of which
most of us are unaware, and of which fewer still have any understanding. It takes it’s shape from
us, in reaction to us, as instantly and naturally as air conforms to the surface of the Earth, or water
to the shape of the sea floor. But this is an unconscious process – we don’t think about it, we’re
mostly unaware of it. For most of us this daily shaping of energy occurs from the level of our
unconscious beliefs and emotions, as automatic and out of our control as our unconscious is itself.
Often we do not even know what our unconscious beliefs and emotions really are, let alone how
they effect us on an energetic level.
But when we bring our conscious mind and will power to bear on this process, it is a very
different situation. Rather than an unconscious process out of our own control, the shaping of
energy -and thus of the world itself- becomes a precise and deliberate skill which lies directly in
our hands.
This is MAGIC. The art of consciously focusing and controlling this all-pervasive energy. Through
focused will and effort we use the universal energy to effect the things around us. As energy reacts
to thought and emotion, thought and emotion can be used to control or influence it. (Energy also
reacts to certain physical stimuli, but we will deal less with that aspect than with thought and
emotion -yoga is an excellent forum to study the influence of physical stimuli upon energy.)
It must be understood that it is not from the ordinary level of our conscious mind that we do this.
If it were everyone would be doing it, and it would be easy to teach. Rather, magic is done from a
higher level of consciousness, the HIGHER SELF.
Scientists studying psychics have found that when a person enters a psychic trance their brain
waves change. Psychics in trance do not use the normal beta waves associated with ordinary
consciousness, but use instead the theta and delta waves associated with sleep. This is true of a
person performing an act of magic as well – we access a higher part of ourselves, a change in
consciousness which shows even in our very brain waves. Only at this level are we fully
conscious, truly human.
It is not hard to reach this level – but it is hard to learn to do it at will, to be able to access it on
command. This is called SHIFTING CONSCIOUSNESS, and an accomplished witch can do it
in the twinkling of an eye, with no external effort or trappings. The student however should expect
to put out some effort to effect this change in consciousness, and may have to work hard to
master it. Also, a number of external factors may be used to help effect this change -specific
words, ritual patterns, or items such as stones or artifacts which have power in themselves or
which serve to put the person “in the right frame of mind” for example. Such external trappings
are KEYS which we use to help us effect the shift in consciousness to access our higher self.
They work on a symbolic level, bypassing conscious and unconscious limitations to act directly
upon the higher self.
There are many different ways by which magic can be performed. All of them have the same
basic goal; to focus energy and direct it from a state of higher consciousness. Visualization,
trance, spellcraft (using external tools such as candles, cords, etc….), ritual of various sorts,
chanting and toning, all of these and many other techniques can be used to create the necessary
shift in consciousness. Which is the best way? That depends very much on the individual. What
serves one person best may not work at all for another – everyone is different. That is why it is
important to study and try as many different techniques as possible, because only you can know
what will work best for you, and then only by experience. In these lessons we will present as
much useful instruction as possible, and as wide a variety of techniques as possible, but in the end
your growth depends upon your willingness to experiment and put together those techniques
which serve you best.
Through magic we influence or control the things around us, therefore it is wise to use magic only
to make these things better. The ancient rule of Wicca is “Do As You Will, But Harm None.”
Magic is a great power, and can be a great responsibility, and you do well to use it wisely.
It is often believed that everything you do comes back to you, through KARMA.
Every action you take, in time you will also experience from the receiving end. So that when you do
something good for another, you are also doing something good for yourself, as you will eventually
experience the same good as a recipient.
But if you do harm, that same harm you ultimately do to yourself. This is very important
to understand and remember. You should bear it in mind in every aspect of your life, including the
magic you practice. To do harm is not only wrong in itself, but ultimately hurts the doer.
Moreover most Wiccans believe in the LAW OF THREE, that is to say that what you do comes
back to you not only once, but multiple times. Some Wiccans believe that the number Three in the
Threefold Law is meant to be taken literally -that the Karma of our actions returns to us exactly
three times.
Magic and Psychism are words that describe two aspects of the same process – connecting to the
higher self. The word psychic comes from the Greek Psyche (pro.; SI-kee) meaning soul or spirit,
i.e.; the higher self. In magic we use this connection actively, to create a certain response in the
world. In PSYCHISM we use the same connection passively, to receive information about the
world. We also use the word psychic to describe the exercises we use to develop both these
Magic is worked from the higher self. Everything that helps you to connect with your higher self
helps magic. Regular meditation and psychic exercises are a valuable tool to strengthen that
connection. The connection is like a muscle, and grows stronger with use. The more you do -even
if at first you do not see success- the better you will get, and the easier it will be. Persistence is
In it’s opening stages the most important thing about magic is to concentrate -focus as much
energy as you can into what you are doing. This is rather like wishing very, very hard. This level of
concentration is always an aspect of magic, but later it will seem automatic and will not take such
effort. If you are visualizing, try to see what you are visualizing as clearly as possible. Make the
image as concrete and three dimensional as you can. Visualization is one of the strongest aids to
concentration. Whatever magical working you are undertaking, by whatever method, try to put
your whole being into it. The more of yourself you can put into the work, the more energy you
can focus into it, the greater the effect it will have.
One of the most important aspects of magical working, which is equally important in every
magical act you ever perform, is psychic hygiene. Psychic hygiene prevents energy from becoming
blocked in your body, which can make it difficult to use energy properly. Every time you do a
magical work you raise energy -that is you focus and direct energy. When you have finished you
will still have excess energy left in your body, which must be released. You might think that
retaining this excess energy would be good, but it is not – it clogs up and causes problems. Too
much of this excess energy can cause serious problems. So always practice good psychic
You can sometimes tell if you have excess energy after a ritual or magical working if you find
yourself feeling lightheaded, or off balance, or disoriented. Sometimes also it will manifest as a
feeling of hyperactivity, an inability to be still – literally a feeling of excess energy. But even if you
feel nothing unusual, you may still have excess energy and make it a point to clear and release as a
matter of course.
Another word for clearing and releasing excess energy is GROUNDING. You will find complete
instructions for releasing in the EXERCISES section of this lesson. Make sure to read them. Although
we have covered this subject it is very important here to stress the necessity of good grounding
Psychic hygiene is always important when you do magic or psychic work. You should cleanse
and release both before you begin, and especially after you finish. But this is not the only time it’s
important. Many people on a magical path tend to pick up energy from others -usually emotional
energy. Such a people may find themselves picking up another person’s emotions, mood, or
tension level, without knowing it. The same techniques of psychic hygiene can be used to release
such “pick-ups” as well. Moreover, because we tend to pick up from others in this way, it is
important to practice PSYCHIC SHIELDING. Psychic shielding basically strengthens your own
boundaries, so that you do not pick up any energy you don’t want. It’s good to practice psychic
shielding regularly, even daily, as it helps to keep the AURA strong.
The “Exercises” That will be posted weekly, will be devoted to giving you a series of exercises or
meditations intended to develop your psychic and magic skills. Again, psychism and magic are
essentially the same thing, psychism being receptive of spiritual influences, magic using these same
skills actively to achieve specific ends.
Psychic-magical ability is rather like a muscle, which grows stronger with use. The more you
exercise your abilities, the more abilities you will develop. In composing these lessons we have
assumed that you know nothing, and are starting from scratch. We know that this is not true for
all students, and that some will have already acquired considerable skill and ability. If you feel
your level of skill is already far beyond these exercises, then think of them as a review of the
basics, or perhaps a new view on the basics.
Soon enough succeeding lessons will present you with more challenging exercises. If you are
starting from scratch and have never worked with these techniques before, practice them as much
as possible. You should practice every day, and if it is possible for you, at the same time each
day. If you cannot practice at the same time each day, it is good to try to do in the same part of
the day -every morning, for example. This builds consistency and -believe it or not- really does
make a difference to your progress.
How much you progress, and even whether you progress, depends on you. The time and effort
you put in are what will determine your growth in magical ability. Like anything else, practice
makes perfect.
These exercises rely heavily on VISUALIZATION. Visualization is a very important magical
technique. In magic our goal is to focus our energy very strongly toward the thing we want to
bring about. When you visualize something, you imagine it very strongly, picturing it very clearly.
When you first try visualizing, you may have to close your eyes and try very hard. It gets easier
with practice, and later you will be able to do it with your eyes open. When you visualize
something, try to see it as clearly and strongly as you possibly can, a 3-D image – just as if you
were looking at a physical object.
This is because you are using the image, and the focus and concentration that go into it, to shape
energy. You are not idly imagining a pretty fantasy, but actually affecting the universe on an
energetic level.
Some people find it difficult to visualize. If this is true for you, then try to imagine what the energy
FEELS like, rather than just what it LOOKS like. But don’t stop trying to visualize, as your ability
to do so will improve with time, and the skill is of great importance.
As we have said, it is best to practice every day, to build skill. If at all possible it is best to
practice at the same time each day. When you first begin to learn magic, it is best to practice on
an empty stomach. You should wear loose, comfortable clothes, or even better no clothes at all,
and you should select a comfortable position to work in. All of these things will help you to be
psychically “open.”
It is good to light one or more candles before you do your exercise. The candles will act as
“batteries”, giving you extra energy. When a flame burns, it gives off energy, which will aid you in
your exercise. Quartz crystal also serves to amplify the energy in this way, so it can be good to
have some nearby, or even hold it during the exercise. Some people also like to use incense to
help them shift their consciousness. Some good incenses to use are Sandalwood, or
Frankincense, or Lavender. You can also use an essential oil. If you use oil, apply it to your
forehead and the palms of your hands, as well as anywhere else you would like. The first
exercises you will learn are two of the most important basic practices you should know. These
are the cornerstone of good magical practice, and their importance cannot be stressed too much.
In future lessons many other exercises will follow, but none are more important than these first
Psychic shielding is very important. Sometimes we “pick up” energy from other people, without
knowing we are doing so. Their moods or emotions may “bleed over” onto us, leaving us feeling
angry, sad, tired, depressed, or whatever they are feeling -and not knowing where this emotion
came from. Also, sometimes people will deliberately send negative energy to us -even though that
is a very bad thing which one should never do. Such negative energies cannot harm you, as long
as you don’t let them in -but in daily life this is an unconscious process. To one skilled in magic
and psychism however, this process under ones direct conscious control. With psychic shielding
we set the boundaries which keep out unwanted energy from others, but simultaneously
strengthen our own Aura, or energy, keeping it healthy.
This exercise should be done daily, either when you go to bed or when get up, or as part of your
daily psychic exercises.
Put yourself into a comfortable position and begin by releasing all tension and anxiety.
Visualize a ball of white light floating above you. Focus on the energy of the ball -know that it is
full of love and strength and peace. Try hard to FEEL these qualities in the energy of the ball.
Now let the energy from the ball of light begin to flow down into you. The energy is a beautiful,
clear white light. No matter how much light comes into you, the ball will remain equally strong for
its true origin is the Divine and it is a source of boundless spiritual energy.
Let the energy from the ball pour into you and flow throughout your body. Let it move out into
your arms and legs, down into your fingers and toes. Now let that light expand beyond your
body. At first see the light expand just an inch out from your body. Now let it expand a little more
-two inches, four inches… Let the light expand to form an oval around your whole body –an oval
filled with clear, beautiful, loving white light from Goddess.
Now let that oval of white light expand to form a perfect circle of energy around you, expanding
until it is about six feet across.
Now, in your mind affirm this:
“There is one power in the Universe, and I am a perfect manifestation of that power. As such I
will that the boundaries of my aura shall be strong and healthy, repelling all unwanted energy while
remaining open to positive and healing energy. Safe within these boundaries nothing can harm me,
for I am filled with the strength of the Goddess. By my will, so mote it be -and it is so.”
Now let the visual image of the light dissipate, but know that its protection and strength remain
with you.
Now clear and release all excess energy as instructed below.
Clearing and releasing of excess energy is extremely important. It’s important to do this before a
magical working so that your energy will flow freely. It’s important to do after a magical working
so that the excess energy that may be left in your body doesn’t cause you difficulties.
There are many signs of excess energy. Dizziness, lack of balance, feeling giddy or disoriented.
Excess energy may also be marked by hyperactivity, inability to rest or sleep after a magical
working. There are many ways that are used to clear and release excess energy. The following is
a good method of clearing energy, and the one we recommend you start with. Use this technique
before a magical or psychic working to release any tension or anxiety that you may be holding
from the events of the day, so that your energy will flow freely. Use it after the working to release
excess energy.
Put yourself into a comfortable position -it doesn’t matter if it’s sitting, kneeling, or laying down,
but it should not be standing, as you may tend to loose your balance until you become proficient
in the technique.
Visualize -that is to say imagine very strongly- a bright white light pouring down from above the
top of your head and passing through your whole body, exiting through the soles of your feet.
Release all tensions, anxieties, and stresses in your being, imagine them flowing out of you along
with the white light. Let it all pour out of you. Imagine the excess energy as little bits of darkness
being carried away with the light as it flows through you. When the last little bits of darkness are
gone, let the light stop coming down, and let the last of it flow out of you.
Another version of this uses the image of water, rather than light. Some people find it easier,
because the image is more familiar. So if you have difficulty using light, try this; Again, find a
comfortable position. Imagine yourself lying in a river, with the water flowing through you, entering
through the top of your head, and exiting through the soles of your feet. Imagine the excess energy
as leaves and twigs and other detritus as might fall into a river. See the water carry these things
away from you. Again, when the last is gone, you are clear.
There are many other ways to do this as well. Some people imagine themselves standing before a
beautiful lake. They imagine themselves being very dirty. They walk into the lake, until the water
completely covers their head. Then they see themselves walking back out of the water,
completely clean. Other techniques visualize wind blowing through the person, to blow away the
excess energy, or fire burning it away.
Still another technique is to imagine a long root, like the root of a tree, growing down from your
root Chakra (your pelvic region, loosely speaking. Visualize this root going down into the Earth. If you
are in doors, see the root going down
through the floor and through any lower levels of the building, then entering into the Earth. Let the
root going down deep into the Earth. Now imagine your excess energy running down through this
root to Mother Earth. When you are done, draw the root back up into yourself.
One can also use physical objects to help release energy. One of the simplest ways to do this is to
put a bit of salt on the tip of your tongue, or run the tips your fingers through some salt. This will
have a natural grounding effect, eliminating the excess energy.
Another technique is to hold a piece of HAEMATITE or an item made out of LEAD. These
substances too, have a natural grounding quality, and will have some effect by themselves. But to
get the best effect, hold the object and imagine the excess energy draining into them from all parts
of your body. When you are finished, hold the object under a stream of cold water (such as a
bathroom faucet) and imagine white light pouring through the stone as the water washes it. This
cleanses the stone.
In each case the excess energy returns to the Mother Goddess when you release it. She will
recycle it, putting it to good use elsewhere. Some people like to say an affirmation when they
release such as “I clear and release all excess energy.” or “I release this energy to the Goddess,
to be used elsewhere.” This sets a clear intent, and can sometimes help to focus the process. It is
not necessary to say the affirmation out loud.
All of these techniques are good, but we feel the white light, or else the water, are preferable
because they tie into things you will learn in successive lessons, and as well as releasing excess
energy they also exercise important psychic muscles that you will need later. But as in all things,
the most important aspect is that it works well for you.
Reference : Lesson adpated from Corellian Wicca Guidance course.
Homework :
Repeat all the pre-energy exercises. Keep practicing. Journal each experience, to see how it evolves.
New visualization exercises will be posted every Tuesday in lieu of a normal prompt to help flex your
psychic muscle.


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