02-16-13 5th Chakra: Throat

5th Chakra/ Throat Chakra
Location: hollow of the throat
Color: blue Crystals/stones: sapphire, lapis lazuli, blue topaz, aquamarine, turquoise, chrysocolla and sodalite Essential Oils to Balance the Root Chakra: frankincense, rose, jasmine, rosewood, elemi, sandalwood, neroli and ylang ylang
Located at the throat, this chakra is associated with creativity, self-expression and the search for truth. The throat chakra allows us to communicate our thoughts and feelings. It is directly connected to the ability to express inner creativity. Both teaching and learning are affected by the balance of the throat chakra. Some signs that the Throat Chakra is out of balance are:  Difficulty expressing oneself  Poor learning ability  Habitual lying  Fear, doubt, uncertainty It links our ability to react mentally with our ability to respond emotionally, so that we are able to make our choices both with reason and sense. This chakra also enables us to represent ourselves vocally. It is the outward expression of our full potential of Self, in that, if all our lower chakras are open and energy is flowing freely, then anything that we express from the throat chakra would be pulled from a place of being grounded.
When the fifth chakra is balanced and centered, we are able to speak with confidence and truth because we are grounded in a belief of Self. If our will chakra is open, then we no longer need to enforce our opinions on others. We can speak gently and lovingly, with compassion and truth of conviction, so that others will hear us from their hearts and not feel threatened by our beliefs. With a balanced 5th chakra, we can communicate without fear of being judged by others and we also can speak without a voice of judgment. The fifth chakra is our mediator between the spoken word and the divine word, the inner voice and the expressed voice, the lower personality and the god-self, the thought and its manifestation in action. We all need to be living our truths and speaking from the heart, especially in this day and age of instant manifestation from thought into experience. We need to consciously use our fifth chakra to be the spokesperson of positivity so we can avoid cosmic wake up calls. To keep this chakra opened and balances strive to “walk your talk”
Some helpful links:
http://www.carlamary.net/Throatchakrablock.html (has great affirmations)
YouTube videos:


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