02-26-13 Meditation Tips


When meditating one of the simplest ways to control your breathing and relax your mind is to listen to music.

For optimum health and to release the most alpha waves our pulse rate whilst resting should be between 60 and 110 beats per minute.

Listening to something with a slower beat or a similar beat to our desired resting rate will effectively bring your body and mind to relax and imitate the desired rate quicker than if simply sitting in a quietened room.

If used correctly, music can enhance the experience and also quicken the effects of meditation.

Some people do prefer to practice in a silent room without distractions but there are others who prefer to meditate with music.

Using music to help control your focus can happen in two ways.

* Playing ambient music in the background or

* Using a form or practice that involves making music

All in all, it is a beautiful and simple art that even young children of all ages can enjoy. Using nice, relaxing music can make the experience more interesting and there are several types of sounds and melodies available that is specifically designed for children.

You should not meditate using loud, chaotic, dance or heavy metal music. This can be very distracting and destructive.

Regardless of the form of meditation you chose to practice it is important to remember that the music should be simple, calm, soothing and peaceful. The music should create a feeling of inner peace and help you to focus.

If you are searching for music to enhance your experience, there are an abundance of online websites that offer a variety of different sounds, moods and tempos. There are also some free samples for you to listen to online to help you to choose the music that is right for you.

There are even a few websites that offer free mp3 downloads of melodies and calming sounds.

Simply do an internet search on and you are sure to find something that is just right for you.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=George_Spence


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