02-20-13 Info: Oprah’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge

I am just working on getting this week’s lesson up but I wanted to post something that I think we as a group should do!
Deepak Chopra and Oprah are running a 21 day free guided meditation series and I think that we should participate as a group! It starts on March 11th (new moon time) and runs for the 21 days. As meditation is one of the cornerstones of magical practice and also one of the hardest skills to A.have time for and B.master, this could give us some options and help us to talk over our issues and really advance into a solid magical practice. I have signed up through FB…you can too following the link, but I will post the links here for everyone. Even people with only phone access should be able to follow.
Thi is only an idea
I want everyone to vote on what they think. We will, at the same time have weekly Herbal lessons being posted. But for 21 days there would be links to mesitations. ***The links stay available for 10 days so that people have time. Even if you can only do 1 or 2 a week, it would be great practice!
So PLEASE comment with what you think. Majority will rule!

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