03-05-13 6th Chakra and Clairvoyance – How to Read Energy and See Clearly

6th Chakra and Clairvoyance – How to Read Energy and See Clearly

Posted by Gini Grey on February 15, 2011

The 6th chakra is for clairvoyance – the ability to read energy and see clearly.

When I was young, I thought clairvoyants had some special power for reading the future. I figured they had a third eye which no one else possessed. It wasn’t until I began taking spiritual awareness courses, which included aura and energy reading, that I discovered we all have the ability of clear seeing using our sixth chakra.

More importantly, I discovered what clairvoyance really is. It’s not about psychically reading the future, although that is how some use it. It’s about seeing life through your spiritual eyes instead of your intellect, emotions, beliefs, and past programming and conditioning.

It’s extremely empowering to be able to read energy and see past surface appearances, beyond reactivity, and into the reality of any situation. Your self-awareness is enhanced, allowing you to heal old wounds, release the past, and move forward with a clean slate. You see the true energy dynamics within relationships, between groups, and behind unhealthy patterns.

To open your third eye or sixth chakra, enhance your clear seeing, and read energy, try the following.

Center within your sixth chakra. Many people often look at people and situations through their analyzer, or their heart chakra, or some other area in their body or energy system. This distorts reality. The intellect or analyzer is great for gathering data, doing research and organizing details into categories, but it can’t see past any of this. The heart chakra is a wonderful place to connect with people, but if you have any heartache or love wounds, this will filter what you see.

The clearest place to see reality is from your spiritual self and your sixth chakra. From this perspective you can see beyond duality and into the wholeness of any person or situation. Bring your awareness into the center of your head, back a few inches from your forehead. This is the place people often settle into during meditation. Notice the stillness and calmness here (just for fun, move into your forehead and notice what that feels like in comparison, then re-center). Look at yourself and your life from this centered space as a way to enhance self-awareness and gain clarity.

Read the energy within yourself. Clairvoyance is a wonderful tool to use to enhance your self-awareness and spiritual growth. Experiment with the following. Close your eyes and center within your sixth chakra. Become aware of yourself as a spiritual being in a human body. Say hello to yourself and then to your body. Now create an image of a rose out in front of you and let the blossom be filled with the energy of your current life theme (your current lesson, growth, or life experience).

See the shape and color of the rose and then look at the energy. Without thinking about it (stay out of your analyzer and trust yourself with what you see), just look at the tone, mood or message. It might be a feeling or a simple word that arises for you. Let go of the image of the rose and open your eyes again.

Read the energy of a situation. Within each person, situation, relationship, home, business and so on is energy. As you learn to read energy, you will see reality clearly. You can use the image of a rose (or any other object for that matter, but roses hold a high clean vibration to view energy within) to look at the energy of anything. For example, if you want to look at your relationship agreement with someone, intend for the rose to hold that energy. Using your spiritual eyes (not your analyzer), look at the essence of the rose and notice what feelings or images or words pop up for you that represent the contract or agreements in your relationship.

This gives you a quick jump start into using your clairvoyance for clear seeing and energy reading. Be patient and trust yourself as you play with it. One word of caution around reading other people and reading the future. When reading other people’s energy, or looking at energy dynamics for them, it’s important to own your space, have healthy energy boundaries, and know how to release people’s energy from your space.

When reading the future, I suggest only reading your very next step as a way to validate your personal and spiritual growth. If you try to read any further into the future, you may get stuck believing this is your only option. We are continually changing (especially those on a conscious spiritual awakening journey) so there are many potentials and possibilities available to us. Trust yourself in the moment to choose what is best for you.



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