03-07-13 Journal Prompt


Our lesson this week covers casting a circle and talks about creating sacred space. Over time I have found that places where you routinely cast a circle or offer prayers retain a feel of the Divine, as though a “permanent circle” is cast there. For example, there is a place near my garden between two fig trees that I pray each morning. I am up well before the sun has risen. It is dark enough to see the stars and to stand in the moonlight. I greet my Lady and Lord here, ask for protection and strength, and renew my vow to walk my Path with Love and Compassion. When I stand in this place I can feel true serenity, the air is different, my mind and heart are quiet ~ likewise for the corner where I light my candles to pray and give thanks in the evenings.

Do you have a place where you commune with Deity regularly? Is there a difference in the way this place feels? The next time you go to this there, take notice of how you feel away from it. Notice the temperature and feel of the air. Notice your mood, the thought processes flitting through your mind. Now, when you have settle into your sacred place, take note again. Are there differences?

The Divine spark within me grows daily.


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