03-10-13 New Moon Info

Tomorrow’s New Moon:

A new moon is a time of lull, the completion of old activities and the preparation of new ones. Everything is in decline now – life energy, emotions and physiological activity. For this reason, any projects which require significant effort are not advisable now.

This lunar day is unfavorable for group work. It is necessary to return to basics, to remember your childhood, to read a book on the history of your nation, to analyze the past path. The day of creative ideas. It is as if specially designed to work with mental energy, with mental images.

A day for making plans and ‘symbolic beginnings’. As a rule, one should not start anything on this day, only plan. Do not push forward too actively in a new direction while the Moon is still invisible in the sky. Instead, try to prioritize the activity which you know will be important for you during the coming month. Sit down at the table and work out what needs to be done. Draw up a plan and take the very first step forward. There will be other days for everything else.Dreams promise a lot of joy and should be fulfilled. It is good to complete activities, to return debts, to give joy to other people. One can work with stones, one should wear diamonds and rock crystal, clean the house. Food should not be rough. One should not over-exert on this day, should not drink alcohol or eat too hot or too spicy food. Physiologically, this is a difficult day, it tightens the internal organs.

Symbols: the lantern, the lamp, the altar of Hecate, Pallas Athena.


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