03-11-13 Craft: Witch Bottles

Recycle your empty nail polish bottles and turn them into spell bottles, bottle necklaces, and anything else you can think of! Corks are pretty easy to get at places like Joanne’s or other craft stores.
Image and instructions found here:

 Today, I’m carrying over last Friday’s blah: an empty nail polish bottle.


You can fill it with anything you want like beads or confetti. Use a paper funnel to make a neat pour.


I’m putting in some sand — I gathered a small amount from a recent beach trip.

Close the top with a small craft cork {seal with glue to avoid accidents} and add a chain {attach to the bottle with a piece of wire}. Now, it’s a necklace…TADA!


I bumped up the “pretty factor” with a locket {fastened to the bottle with a ribbon}.

The locket gives this necklace a touch of nostalgia, and is brimming with possibilities:

  • For a married couple, put in sand from a beach where you honeymooned, and add your photos in the locket. It works for wedding anniversaries, too.
  • For a single gal, sand and photos from your most recent adventure {by yourself or with the besties}.
  • For a parent, you can give this to your daughter who’s moving away for college or a job abroad. The sand can be from your hometown or from a beach where your family frequented as she was growing up. Mom and Dad’s photos make it to the locket, of course. Okay, family pets can be in the running as well.


 How can you not love this handmade present?
It’s filled with meaning, and is as precious as the
most expensive diamond necklace, without
the hefty price tag.

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