01-18-13 Journal Prompt

Journal Prompt – January, 18th 2013

Today I wanted to share something I’ve learned recently about the importance of the words we say in our everyday lives and spells too…

The true magic wand of a human being, charged with energy and power, is the word. In magic, one must name the result, i.e. define what we want and put it in words. The Thing is not put into action if it’s not named. This causes that from the plane of ideas (Chaos) it passes to the plane of reality (Cosmos). But we must learn to listen to what is hidden in the word. Many times we do not know the thoughts that inhabits the word or the phrase until it’s said. Many times we discover that the Word goes in a different direction of the Idea; by saying it we probably discover that our forces have split dramatically, with a part of us trying to create something, but our minds trying to create something else.

“I’m going to look for work” or “I want to lose weight” are words that give us an idea that sounds as clear as we think they are about the thing we want and its corresponding image in each case. If so … Why then, is it so hard to make the Universe to get us work or just to lose a few extra pounds?

To think that the universe ignores our expectations, both contradicts all Initiatic teachings in the history of mankind, and the most advanced in the world today, such as quantum physics, including concepts such as the “observer effect”, which states that reality is altered according to the expectations from where is observed.

Then, to avoid the believe that the diversion by which we get something different from what we want, is in how we give the instruction with which we try to order the universe … we have to listen to the Order we give to the Universe. Listen to “What” we actually say, without getting caught up in the idea of “what we mean.”

For example: In “I want to lose weight” the Order is an instruction to my body and my entire universe to continually gain weight … logical, inevitable and mandatory requirement to “thin”, which has nothing to do with “I want to be skinny.” Just as “I’m going to look for work”- the objective is “to find” not “to look” – which guarantees to organize a Universe where you have to continually look without finding.

So I thought this was very interesting to consider and made me think about the phrase that Buddha said “Who moves your tongue when you speak?”


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